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  1. Has anyone seen it?

    I just saw it today and actually really enjoyed it. I thought Ben did a great job, and I was pretty surprised by Blake Lively too.
  2. I want to see it. It looks good... I understand ben co wrote it.
  3. Yeah I want to see this too and it's getting good reviews.
  4. Yes, I LOVED the movie!

  5. Yes, I totally agree! Both my dh & I enjoyed it, everyone did a great job in it.
  6. I thought that Blake's performance and accent might make me cringe but she clearly did her research.

    I'm not saying she'll be winning an Oscar by any means, but it was good.

    I just loved Ben being all Bostonian. :smile:
  7. I loved this movie! I'm really not a Ben fan, but he has won me over with his acting and directing in this one. I had no idea he co-wrote it too.
  8. I'm actually from Boston (born, raised, and still here) and Blake's Boston accent was horrific. Those who think otherwise obviously don't know Boston accents at all. I couldn't understand anything Blake said, and in the theater, people laughed every single time she talked. It was funny. And she was in the movie for 5 minutes tops. Why was she doing more press than Rebecca Hall who the movie centered on? Weird.

    My main gripe with the movie is that if you've ever been to Charlestown, there are black and Latino people everywhere. In Ben's movie, Charlestown looked like a town filled only with white people, which is so inaccurate and ridiculous. I feel like Ben has been in Hollywood too long.

    I thought the male actors and Rebecca Hall put on solid performances, but Blake stood out in a very bad way. IMO, she doesn't have 1/10th of the skills her costars had.
  9. Hm, that's surprising he didn't paint it more realistically since he's from there.

    I went to school in MA so I'm used to Boston accents but obviously not like you are, so I can see where you're coming from.
  10. ^I actually just came in here to ask how Blake's accent was. And I'm surprised to hear she wasn't a main character in the movie.
  11. I can't wait to see it! I heard some really good things from my girlfriend.
  12. That's interesting. My husband is from Southie and he thought the accents were pretty good (with the exception of Jon Hamm). I lived in Quincy for 10 years and I thought they did a decent job. I did think Gone Baby Gone was a bit more authentic, but that's because they used a lot of local actors (including my husband and his BFF!!!). My husband and I didn't see any local actors in The Town at all except Owen Burke, and that kid Slaine (who BTW CLAIMS he's from Southie but only lived there till he was like 7, then moved to the South Shore).
    Either way, good movie all around!
  13. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend. I live in New Hampshire, but want to see it in Boston...
  14. It looks like a really good movie, I cant wait to see it.