The Touch, the Feel of Mini Lin

  1. does anyone know how the mini lin fabric feels to the touch? i'm imagining it to be soft, since it is not canvas. can anybody help me out? i am not close to a lv store. :crybaby:
  2. Mmmm it's like linen but finer not exactly smooth though. It looked more delicate than the mini monogram.
  3. :yes: kind of like fabric that's been heavily starched?
  4. It feels thinner than the mono and damier and less sturdier than the old mini mono. It'll make you want to waterproof the bag if the LV god will let you.
  5. it's a lot thinner than Mini Mono but not floppy like Denim Mono. and i think they're actually more stain and water resistant compared to Mini Mono. im pretty sure all uncoated fabric bags from LV have already been pre-treated with Scotchguard :yes:
  6. The booklet that came with my cles says it has been treated for stain resistance. My SA said her her manager spilled water on it and it rolled off.
    It feels like cloth...but not smooth cloth...but not really rough either. With nothing in it, it does hold its didn't sag when placing it on the counter.
    I personally passed on it because I was worried about snags & runs in the fabric.
  7. The monogram mini line is great.
  8. I can't wait til mine gets here. I have to actually see it and feel it in person to know if I like it.
  9. I can't wait to see this line irl. I love the Mono Mini so I am sure I am going to love this one. Thus far, however, I only like the Speedy from this line. None of the other styles appeal to me. I hope they add more styles to it soon. I wanted to get the Denim Mules when I go to NY next month but I think I may just pick up the Lin Speedy instead.
  10. It's very similar to the Dior Boston Trotter bag. Not a smooth fabric but a rough texture. Nice though.
  11. I only like the Speedy too for some reason! Maybe the big wallet but the wallets cost more than 50% of a bag usually.
  12. I went to the LV boutique in Fashion Valley here in San Diego to inquire about the Mini Lin Speedy. I didn't fall in love with this line. Besides the speedy's were all sold out. They only had one and it was a window display. I did however have the chance to see the rest of the Mini Lin collection and IT WAS SO LIGHT....but no LOVE connection. It looks kinda "Plain" but that's Only my opinion =)
  13. me too. all of these were very good descriptions, but i need to feel it in person, 'cause in my mind right now, i'm imagining it to feel like khaki. im sure that's not right though....
  14. I would worry about snagging jewelry on it!
  15. much more "silkier", smooth and finer than Monogram mini. The threads are also smalller than mini........