The Tory Burch *REVA FLATS* Sizing thread

  1. Does anyone have experience with Tory Burch shoes? I've never tried them but I found the Reva Ballerina flat that will match one of my bags PERFECTLY. Do you find that they run large, small, or true to size?

    Thank you.
  2. Just wore my black leather Reva Flats today as a matter of fact! True to size.
  3. I just bought a pair today. I went down a half size from what I usually wear.
  4. I just bought a pair. Pretty true to size, maybe a wee bit large. I felt that if I went a half size down they would have been snug so I got my normal size. The back of the shoe makes them fit well.
  5. I ordered them last night, thank you everyone!
  6. I went down half a size...

    I'm addicted to Tory Burch flats now..
  7. how do the infamous flats fit? i'm a 6.5 in marc by mj, should i stick with that size?
  8. I wore the same size in these as I do in other brands - 7/12 (and my feet are pretty wide).
  9. I find Tory Burch shoes run true to size.
  10. True to size, yes, BUT! If you have anything resembling a bunion (such an UGLY word) or even a sensitive or slightly enlarged big toe joint, be aware that on some of the shoes, the medallion can press right against that spot and it can feel REALLY uncomfortable. I found that out the hard way. The metallic leathers are harder and therefore more likely to irritate sensitive feet. The plain leathers are softer.
  11. Yes ^^^ I found that I have to space out wearings as they have aggravated my dormant bunion. But once worn in a little, they become a lot more comfortable. At least to me, worth a little discomfort!
  12. Hello, I'm posting because I really need a new pair of flats (I have terrible quality ones right now!) and I was interested in Tory Burch's Reva ballet flats. I'm normally a 7.5 in most shoes.. but I read Tory Burch runs big? I was wondering if anyone has found this to be true. I'd like to try a pair on.. but I'd also like to do the Shopbop sale and may run out of time if I wait. I figure I can always return if it doesn't work out!

    I'm also not sure if I'd want to get the pair w/the less flashy buckle or not.. I work in a school and don't want to be over the top :smile:



    I'm leaning towards the pair w/the less noticeable buckle just because it fits my personality more. Although.. w/the gold is cute too.. I don't know!
  13. I have the all leather ones and I think they're a bit more casual and less flashy. I sized down a half size and they're perfect!
  14. i have the silver python ones and they run true to size for me
  15. I just bought a pr. of the pumps (nice chunky but not high heel) and they are true to size...