The Torana scarf

  1. I saw a picture of this scarf on LZ and fell in love. The word 'torana' has meaning in my native language (it means ceremonial gate, or entryway) and this scarf illustrates it wonderfully. For certain festivals in my home country people build structures like this and decorate them with colored lights.

    In fact some of my family come from a small town called 'Torana' which is named after a very large ceremonial structure which is built once a year, each time in a different style.


    Does anyone know what other colorways it comes in and any other details about the scarf and its designer?
  2. I don't Merika, but it is gorgeous. You definitely need to put this on your grail scarf list!
  3. ^^I have!! In fact, LZ only has it in the pochette size :crybaby:If it came in a larger size I would've already bought reminds me so much of home because all the symbols on the scarf have significant cultural and emotional value to me.
  4. Beautiful! Thank you for telling us what the name means!
  5. Merika , that's a beautiful pochette. The design is by Annie Faivre, 1987 & Fall 1990-1

    Here are some other colorways:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]

  8. ^^Thank you so much, Rose. I love the green one:


    and the red, blue and yellow one too.

    I saw the details of the gray scarf:


    and a stone carving at an entryway of a building in my home country....

  9. Merika, according to another collector database, it was also reissued in 2000, and it was made in both 90 cm full size and 45 cm pochette.

    Want us to add it to the grail scarf list? I have a huge list now that I keep with me on my antique crawls. I know several tPF members have alerted me when my grails have shown up.
  10. Yes, PLEASE!! :heart:

    Thank you so much. I love this scarf and the Champignons.
  11. Good luck Merika. I'll keep my eyes out for you. I think you would look just stunning in the teal green colorway!
  12. "Torana" is actually a Sanskrit word for 'doorway', 'portal' or 'entrance'. Since my native language is descended from Sanskrit, some words have the same meaning.
  13. Merika, are you Indian? Where are you from and to what native language do you refer? I bought this scarf and would love to hear more about its background. What was Faivre's inspiration?
  14. I wondered what my old thread was doing on the first page, lol!

    I think wikipedia can do it better than I can...

    "A torana is a type of gateway seen in Hindu and Buddhist architecture. Toranas are associated with stupas like the Great Stupa in Sanchi. Symbolic toranas can also be made of flowers and even leaves and hung over the doors of Hindus, particularly in Southern India. They are believed to bring good fortune and signify auspicious and festive occasions."
  15. This is a beautiful pattern