the tomato leather

  1. I know that the leather in the tomato is not as shiny, but does it completely lack shininess? I don't want the leather to look flat.
  2. I have the coin purse in the Tomato and in that, the leather is fabulous! I posted pix of it a couple days ago on here.
  3. The one I saw in person was gorgeous. Perfectly shiney and thick.
  4. I just bought a Tomato first.....I find it very shiney, and crinkly's the original picture i took of it, but it doesn't show the wrinkles....I'm going to take another picture and see if I can capture how it really looks!!!!

  5. Here's a better picture in natural light, no flash:


  6. When I talked to Daphne from BalNY about the fall 2007 leather, she said it was all really good, with the exception being tomato. Apparently they are seeing some inconsistency in the tomato leather, so if you order sight unseen, you may want to specifically ask about the leather, since it might not be that great on the Tomatos.
  7. wow! i love the read on that tomato!
  8. ^^I totally agree with this. I've seen some amazing looking Tomato bags - and i've seen some with so-so leather.:sad:
  9. What do you consider so-so leather? I might order one sight unseen (not from BalNY), so I would like to describe to the SA what kind of leather is best. Any suggestions? TIA.
  10. ooooouuuuu...SO PRETTY :tender:
  11. oh my.......Tomato First is now in my HG!!!!
  12. Lamb your First is outrageous!!! I can't get over how beautiful the leather and color is on your bag. :drool:
  13. Thanks Cracker!!!

    I got lucky, cos I ordered it sight unseen!!!!! :yes:
  14. I saw tomato yesterday irl, the coin purse, PT with GH and city and they all had amazing leather, and it was V shiny actually!
  15. Lamb, your First is just speechless. I hope I'll be as lucky as you are ordering it unseen.