The Toilet Case Club

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  1. Show us what ya got!!!

    Here's my lil sapin baby...
  2. Yea!!! I can join this club too! I love my little blue!

  3. Sapin toilet....

  4. here's a shot of what you can fit into the small toilet

  5. Here is my black toilet, I love it b/c it holds a ton!

    (Pictured here with my white wallet b/c it is the only pic I have!)

  6. 06 Grenat :heart:
    02 FBF n 06 Grenat.jpg
  7. My French Blue toilet case.
    I just love this one!!
  8. So pretty Sophie :love:

    Thank you for sharing! :nuts:
  9. My blueberry toilet case!

  10. Yum...:drool::drool:
    Love this!:heart:
  11. i saw a MASSIVE one at cosmpolitan shoes in sydney a few weeks ago it would have been at least 40cm in length

    does anyone know how much these retail for in the US? it was 1700 here which is way too much to pay for a toilet case IMO, i would rather buy an 04/05 bag!
  12. here's mine, it's sad i know but i still haven't used her yet! :shrugs: She's so pretty

    bal 001r.jpg
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I LOVE the toilet bag. I seem to have strange taste - whatever I love Balenciaga seems to discontinue. This is one they should really bring back it holds a ton and is so cute. I'll add my photos later!
  15. Not the best pic but here's my 06 Black Toilet. I use it as my make up case :smile:
    Black Accessories.jpg