1. I thought I would start a confessional thread so that any guilt that some of us lesser mortals feel about a little (or big) slip-up can be aired, dealt with in the full light of day and forgotten about so that we can start afresh immediately and not let guilt pull us off-track for a second longer than necessary.

    You don't have to be on a specific regime or on a lifetime ban/training program, if you wish you could turn back time and feel like you let yourself down and it's on your mind, write it down and let it GOOOOOOoooo :biggrin:

    There is no time sensitivity or 'weight' to any confessionals so if you have had one crispbread to many in the last 5 minutes or skipped step-class for the last 6 weeks no matter. Report and start wherever you left off :yes:

    I shall start with my own

    Trying to give up simple carbs ATM but

    Snack night last night with tons of chili Doritos, Japanese rice crackers, American popcorn, white Turkish bread and whatever else I could find including Nutella chocolate spread.

    It was an International mega snack feast which tasted delicious but now BE GONE I want no more :smash:

    Anyone else?
  2. Great idea for a thread, papertiger!

    Today I made a few loaves of vegan pumpkin bread. It was so good, I helped myself to several slices. While it is a relatively guilt free snack, it does contain lots of sugar. I probably should have stopped at 1-2 slices. :shame:
  3. Overdoing it with the chips at our BBQ today. Ugh.
  4. good thing I wasn't around or I would have helped you finish the lot ;)
  5. Been there :shame:

    I need an action plan to wean me of chips COMPLETELY!
  6. Had a 180 cal chocolate milk at the mall that I most certainly didnt 'need'
  7. I ate Pirate's Booty for breakfast. Not terribly bad for you (a snack bag is 65cal), but still... Not a good start to the day >.<
  8. Oh man. Potato chips are my trigger food. I'll eat a whole bag (no matter the size) if I keep them around. My strategy is to not have them in the house at all. That is the only way I can stay away from them.

    I'm not proud of this, but in the past I have eaten so many chips that my tongue went numb from all the salt.
  9. You remind me that I bought a diet soda yesterday that I only bought because someone I was with wanted a coffee and I didn't want to appear 'cheap'. Even though my drink had no calories it tasted terrible and gave me a thumping headache. Next time water or nothing, I could have always bought her a coffee without having something myself!
  10. I'm off to google Pirate's Booty, the name alone makes it sound too temping to have around ;)
  11. That's awful but I have to confess too that this made me laugh :hugs:
  12. Haha it's kind of like cheddar cheese puffs... Delicious, but not a good breakfast food :p
  13. Gave in to the afternoon munchies and had two bags of Snackwells snacks. I know I could have done worse, but I should go with something healthier and more filling. I was still starving when I got to the gym.

    By the way, I love Pirate's Booty too!!
  14. this week's food and alcohol over-indulgence
  15. the chicken from the local market I'm about to have...I have grapes packed but I've been smelling roasted chicken the whole morning,and now I'm craving it lol.