The times you wonder: where the heck was I that time?

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  1. Do you ladies have been eyeing a bag and then later on found that there was a good deal for it and yet you didn't know so of course, you missed out on a good deal and then was wondering why the heck you didn't know? Ladies, share your stories.

    Ok, I'll start. I was checking NM's site last night and saw this Hogan Leather Shopper and I was like :hysteric: how come I never knew that there was a Hogan on sale! and it was such a great deal! :crybaby:

  2. If that Hogan had been available in other colors, I would have ordered it. Lovely, lovely bag.
  3. oh i wouldn't have mind to have a cream colored hogan, because the price alone was already a steal.
  4. Twisted, if you missed that, you missed two other CHEAP Hogan's on sale..however, if any consilation, each time I clicked on the link, the product was always unavailable... which is a bit of a tease, right? It would be nice if they can stop trying to kill us and take down the picture after it is sold!
  5. I lucked out and got a beige Hogan shoulder bag for $213 from NM the other night. I think sometimes they have just one of a particular bag in clearance and the first person to check out gets it. I've gotten some cute Bulga, Botkier and Be & D bags that way too.
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