The time spent trying to figure men out...

  1. Does it give women an edge or does it give men an edge?

    I was thinking about this today as I was driving listening to a radio show on which a man was discussing how men are different than women, how men tend to prefer not to talk about feelings, how men prefer to put things into action, etc.

    A lot of it wasn't much that I hadn't heard before and a lot of it was quite interesting...Like this man was saying that he'd love to just come home from work, and his s/o was there, and she acknowledges him, but there's just silence...No discussion...just enjoying the space. :biggrin: Then, he talked about how many men love going fishing because it's just sport, space and quiet.... :lol:

    Anyway, I found myself listening intently, but I also couldn't help but imagine all of the other millions of women who were probably intently listening. Many of these women are quite likely taking mental notes and willing to make any necessary changes to see if it helps their relationship.

    Then, I tried to think of the number of similar shows directed at men, where they attempted trying to figure women out and were offered techniques at improving the relationship...I couldn't think of any. :amuse: Women's magazine covers are often loaded with relationship fixers...I couldn't recall any men's magazine covers that said things like, "Is She Falling Out of Love with You? Take Our Test!" (Not saying that they don't exist...just couldn't recall any.)

    Then, I started to wonder...the fact that I couldn't think of any shows, magazine covers, etc...

    The fact that lots of men do as they do (good or bad) while we listen to shows, buy books, have long drawn out discussions with other emotionally distressed, clueless women...:shame: :lol:

    Do you think that many (not all...just many) men feel they have women all figured out? (Obviously, many men don't, just as many women don't have men all figured out...But does the absence of certain cultural messages directed at men suggest to you that they don't feel the need to figure out where women are coming from?)
  2. I don't think Men feel they have women figured out. Both sexes have a difficult time trying to understand each other. We have different ways of viewing the world, and that is going to cause dissent, obviously.

    Still, for as many times as I've heard a girlfriend say "ugh, I don't get boys" I've heard a guy friend say "ugh. girls are so crazy, I never understand them!"

    Honestly, we're never going to fully understand each other, as everyone is sooo incredibly different. Regardless of gender, everyone has different ways of seeing life-- and that's a wonderful thing! Can you imagine how boring it would be if you knew exactly everything boys were thinking?

    Boys ARE confusing. but, I'll take it.
  3. Thats very interesting, because now that you mention it, I cant think of any mens magazine or what have you trying to advise men on how to "help" their relationships. At least not to the same extent that female directed products/entertainment does. I mean, I've heard so many jokes about how women always turn to magazines and channels like Lifetime thinking they have their man all figured out, or turn to these magazines instead of talking to their man. But what male directed products could a woman make similar jokes about? All that comes to mind is Viagra, lol.

    I dont know. Maybe guys have just figured out some sort of guideline on how to understand us women, lol. They dont know exactly but they know that we can get moody, we're always right, and deserve to be loved no matter what.