The time has come: seeking a Chanel Diamond Shine Flap for my 19th!!!!!!

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  1. Confession: I am a Balenciaga girl. No matter what anyone says or which bags catch my eye, in the end.. I always go to my b-bags. But I've lurked in the Chanel forum for ages and I have finally found THE bag that has caught my eye AND my heart! The diamond shine flap is just gorgeous beyond words (thanks *jennifer* and iluvchanel for being so helpful!)... and I must have it. See, I have this silly tradition of buying myself a bday gift- it's to remind myself that I should appreciate ME once in a while.

    So ladies, please help me find my gorgeous bday gift! I have NEVER bought a chanel before and have no idea how to go about doing so.. I am swamped with school work right now and cannot make it out to the city (SF), which breaks my heart because I really wanted to go to the boutique and play with all the bags. But then again, I already know what I want (typical hehe) so it's okay. If anyone sees, hears, or even smells (LOL!) a BLACK diamond shine flap, will you let me know? I have a debit card (hehe NOO to credit- I hate buying stuff on credit) out and ready. I would prefer to buy from Saks but only because I hear that NM does not take anything other than a NM card??? Please correct me if I'm wrong..

    Thanks so much!!!! I'm so thankfu that there is a place like this to turn to. And I am SO EXCITED at the prospect of owning my first CHANEL!!!!! WAHHHH!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. NM takes Amex as well and the Vegas NM takes Visa as well as the catalog order #.
  3. They have the red and black at Beachwood Ohio , Saks fifth Avenue . Ask for Christopher in chanel handbags .
  4. Ohhhh thank you so much SophiaLee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^ go go go, kattiepie! :yes:
    good luck and keep us posted!!

    I am about to go into class but I just called Saks and they said that they have ONE but its on HOLD FOR A CUSTOMER so I have to wait 30 minutes until she comes in an chooses whichever bag she wants.. AHHHHHHH

  7. what happened??! did you get it?
  8. ......... it got sold.


    But I gave the nice SA my name, number, and cc number... and she promised to have one for me asap! so.. technically, I will be getting one soon. just.... not now. :sad: hehe but it's okay!!! I'm one step closer to my first chanel!! awww I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!! :love: