the time has come - botkier bianca advice needed


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005

ok girls, i've needed a black bag for approximately forever, and i really love this one, even though i know that some people think it has boobs :Push:. actually, that was my initial reaction too, but i saw the large in person and the size is great for both shoulder and elbow wear, the leather is so soft and slouchy, and the whole construction of the bag was just beautiful.

so hey, maybe i shouldn't fault it for having boobs, i have them too (actually, the boobs don't bother me, i just thought it was funny). i was also considering the MJ Elise in black patent, but i really think the botkier is more my style (plus it's only half the price of the MJ since active endeavors has a 20% off coupon and free shipping, making the bag approximately $550).

i was getting dressed to go to dinner tonight in a jean skirt, white tank top, and thin black sweater and i went to choose my bag and thought 'i need that botkier. it would be perfect.' i've been thinking about it since i saw it IRL last week, and i love it, but is it a good choice? i would really like to decide and either order or not order before i go to bed tonight...

thanks in advance girls, i really appreciate the help!
Hi amanda, I hope you won't mind my replying - I am a newbie, know next to nothing about designer bags but I just dislike the look of that bag (great quality of the leather notwithstanding). If you are going to pay so much for a bag there are much nicer-looking bags around, IMHO :biggrin:
My sister just got the medium one in black, but I think that I much prefer the dusty gold in this style. I just saw one IRL today and the leather is so soft and the bag is light compared to my kooba sienna which is a huge plus. I say, if you love the bag and think that you'll use it for ages, it definitely worth it especially with the 20% off at active endeavors. That's where my sister purchased from.
I didn't see "boobs" until you mentioned it and now I have to get that out of my mind! lol But that aside, this bag has caught my eye before and I thought it looked great. I love outside pocket. Haven't seen it IRL, though. For me, if I can't get a bag out of my mind, that's a pretty strong sign. I'd say that if the bag is returnable, go ahead and get it and live with it for a few days and see if you still like it. Often that is the only way I know for sure if a bag is for me.
I think if you love the bag, and saw it IRL and think the shape/size/color is perfect for you...go for it! plus a 20% off coupon? what a steal! it's so hard finding a great black bag these days...I love the quality and styles of Botkier (you really are getting a great deal for your money) and with a coupon, you are definitely getting a steal
I actually think that bag is really attractive and the leather looks really squishy,and nice. I was recently eying that bag myself. However, I decided against it because I hate having a flap across my bag that I have to move over to get inside. I recently broke my rule against getting a bag with the flap and it is now driving me crazy! Luckily my bag was a lot less expensive than this one. If you don't have this sort of petty issue with mechanical handbag features-then I say go for it!
I've not seen the bag in person. But, I do like it. I really like the gold version, but if you need a black bag and can get this one for a great price.....

Unless you like the MJ $500 more, get the Botkier. Side note: I got the Clyde, was on the fence about it, planned on selling it, ended up keeping it, now love it. Moral of the story: Botkier=good. Good luck!
Shelley said:
I just looked at the photos of the bianca on active endeavors and the leather looks so nice. I've never had a Botkier bag, is the leather nice?

i don't like their pebbled leather, it's too stiff, but the regular leather is reaaaaaally soft.