the tiffany blue box!!!

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  1. being a new comer to tiffany and co, and jewelry in general,i must go on the record to state that " THE TIFFANY AND CO. BOX AIN'T BLUE.....IT'S LIGHT GREEN.everybody is always talking bout little blue box,little blue box,little blue box. everybody else in the world must be color blind,because it's green!!!!!!!!!!!! happy valentine's day to all you baby dolls!!!!!
  2. ummm, it's blue to me! It's not a true blue, but it's not green! LOL!
  3. Isn't it called Robin's egg Blue? Mine looks blue to me.
  4. yes, Robin's egg is a perfect description!
  5. yah..def blue!!
  6. It is "Tiffany Blue" what more could you ask for?!
  7. True...that is what they have called it.
  8. It's def blue (but like a greenie light blue) It's TIFFANY BLUE! And that is good enough for me!
  9. Yes, Tiffany Blue!! But Cowboy you are too funny!
  10. Oh yeah! I laughed my head off picturing you screaking at the computer "IT'S GREEN! GREEN!" :roflmfao:

    ...not that I can actually picture you---you get the drift! You looked fab, by the by! :heart:
  11. carolinacowboy: If you don't mind me asking, do you live in one of the Carolinas, or do you happen to go to school at CAROLINA? Because if you go to UNC, I can understand why you don't know your colors. :nuts: LOL (My husband went to Duke.)
  12. Its blue baby!
  13. All blue, just with green undertones. DEF not green.
  14. ya'll need a coupon for laser eye surgery from your men for valentine's day, because it's GREEN!!!!!!!!!! and yes i'm from north carolina.did not attent unc-chapel hill,went to unc-wilmington......and yes i'm a tarheel..i wouldn't even have duke toilet paper in my house. happy valentine's day girls,and hope the eye surgery goes well!!
  15. Well, I think it's a turqoise color. Whatever you want to call it, it still makes my heart beat faster!