The Tiffany bean moving charm or not? Pics of 15mm?

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  1. Hi! I want the 15mm for V day :smile: Is it a free moving charm or not?

    Does anyone have pics wearing this size? I like em' big :graucho: lol!

    Thanks! Jen
  2. no, it's not free moving... I'm hoping to get the 12mm for V-day... I tried it on recently. I'm petite but have broad shoulders so I like that size.

    If you want BIG I would definitely go for the 15mm.

    Sorry I don't have any pics!
  3. oops - i just got one - so I need to correct my last post- it does move around on the chain, but does not slide off due to the closure - it pretty much stays in one place when you wear it though- hope that makes sense!
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