The Tibet GM - sooo yummy!

  1. LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Tibet GM, Messenger Bag

    I have been eyeing this Tibet on Pete's site for weeks and I really am in love with it! I love messenger bags for day to day madness, errands, and work.

    Any thoughts on this piece? If you own it, do you love it? Hate it? How functional is it in terms of getting in and out of it? Thanks!!!
  2. I love it! Very downtown!
  3. Wow, I've never seen any H bag like it!!
  4. I know! It's quite unique and I have dreams about how buttery and pliable it must be!!!
  5. This is the ONE H bag my DH would consider...would love to hear from folks who have one and use it often enough to comment on its versatility, how it wears, usefulness, etc...
  6. Wow...I love it. I love all the little pockets - most Hermes bags don't have enough pockets or little spaces to organise all your things, IMO - this one does! I like the way the canvas strap wraps all the way around the bottom of the bag - it'll be very strong.

    Plus, taurillon clemence is one of my FAVOURITE leathers - you're right: a buttery, sensual leather but soooo durable! It's a great design if you're looking for something roomy and hands-free and also sleek :yes:
  7. This looks like such a cool bag --- I have also been checking it out from time to time on the website, :girlsigh:! I have never seen it in the store, but would really love to see one in person.
  8. It looks like an elongated swishy lunch box.
    It's just not doing anything for me.
  9. I love it too! My only concern is that, seeing it on the model, it looks a bit too big (for me anyway) I was wondering if there's a PM....
  10. ^^^^Duna, there is a PM. It's about 8 x 11 inches?
  11. It looks really large! The size is 14" x 16"... quite a huge bag... almost like a back pack.... The leather does look nice and soft though... Seems like it might be large for day to day but it probably can hold a lot of stuff....