The thrill of the hunt... Are there more out that like this?

  1. Ok, bear with me. Please.

    I have this thing with buying Dior products. Bags, clothes, glasses, shoes, ect.

    Does anyone else just have a love of "collecting?"

    I love my bags, but it seems after I have them for a few days, I'm already looking for the next item(s).

    I rarely use my bags too, It's because I don't want to mess them up...

    Is there anyone else on here, or out there that does this?

    I don't really feel as if though I'm wasting money, I just like to have things, and I use them occasionally, but the problem is, I like light colored bags, the girly pink bags, and I just can't see the point in paying lots of money to ruin a bag.

    So I think maybe it's the thrill of trying to find the bag, I will search and search and search until I find what I'm looking for. It's such a gratifying feeling to find it and then buy....

    but after that I sorta feel empty, like I should be on the hunt for another.

    Am I just really nuts, or do others do this too?
  2. Hi I think you posted on the correct forum!!! Welcome to TPF, the gathering place for shopping "addicts" with varying degrees of addiction :p

    I know what you mean. While I don't really "collect" bags, I totally understand and appreciate the thrill of the hunt! That's what happened to me with my Chanel reissue, I must have driven my friends and fiance crazy with my relentless search for a matte-coloured reissue from the original 2005 collection. Didn't manage to find one from 2005 but got the 2007 black which looks EXACTLY like the 2005 black.

    After that, it was like "Hey, where's the next bag I'm going on a crazy hunt for?" But unfortunately since I am not exactly a millionaire and have a very expensive wedding and apt to pay for, I will have to put my cravings on hold till next year. In the meantime, I am trying to get a Balenciaga City (sshh, dun tell my fiance) and still looking around for the next bag that will send me on a cross-continent search again hehe...

    Right now, I am also in loooove with a Dior necklace and pair of shades, trying very hard not to succumb, but I have a feeling I won't be able to resist eventually! I also totally understand about the "need to have things" esp pretty things. I think that's why women shop so much!
  3. Oh thank goodness some one else has this feeling. I'm
    assuming the bag in the pic is the one you speak of! It's beautiful.

    I'm not a millionaire either. But I can afford like a purse or 2 a months, and maybe a pair of shoes. But my spending is getting ridiculous.

    There's a few Dior necklaces I have found that I've wanted. I just never bought them.

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Heh yes it's the one in my pic, I love her to death! But at the same time, am still looking around for others. If you see my signature, there are already 2 on my Chanel wishlist, and that's just Chanel! I am still in love with some of Dior's classic pieces (have ALWAYS wanted a Lady Dior), want my first Balenciaga, and my HG bag (which I hope I can get by the time I'm 35) is an Hermes Kelly!

    Gosh it never stops! I think as long as the designers keep churning them out, I will always keep wanting more bags hehee...

    Dior necklaces are beautiful aren't they?
  5. Everything Dior is beautiful. I think I decided to go for the Romantique trotter. In beige, maybe white. but there I go again. A light color. It will never get used.

    Maybe I should just start putting money in my closet....Stop buying purses and see how much I would save in a year. That's basically what I do with the bags.....

    I use my Coach bag all the time, because it wasn't as expensive, and It's a beige color, so it doesn't really look like it's dirty......ok it's sorta white... like maybe an almond color..... The only bag I own that isn't a lite color is the navy blue flight bag.... I'm such an idiot.
  6. .... yea. i really should stop buying bags... they never get to see the light of day... besides my gucci tote. But that'll never happen. Maybe i should stop buying cute bags that are too small to fit eveything... thats it! =):idea:
  7. I a member of the thrill of the great handbag chase you are not alone....
  8. Ahh I found the right people!
  9. I think you just verbalized my obsession. Now I have to face the reality.... I am a Dior Junky.:wtf:
  10. Me too! Haha, relieved to know there are others as obsessed as I am! :biggrin:
  11. I agree with you! I LOVE my bags but i cant stop! My wishlist grows daily :biggrin:
  12. I know exactly what you mean! I do the same thing: first I spot some purse on this forum to which I didn't pay much attention before, then I can't stop thinking about this bag for weeks, and when I finally get it, before I even wear it for the first time, I already have next one on my agenda. It's like I experience the joy of owning the bag before purchasing it!!
  13. I cant stop buying bags I really need to be on a ban!!!!!