The thrill of the chase..........

  1. I was wondering if anyone else on here had these feeling when purchasing an expensive bag.
    Theirs a bag that you really really want you look high and low, check ebay every day looking for your dream bag then one day you find it, but its /////// with a BIN of ////// far more money then you have ever paid for a bag:nuts: . You keep looking at it and know if you do not get it someone else will, so you press the button and buy. Then the feeling comes of thinking how can I pay so much for a bag, you try and justify it by saying well its once in a lifetime will not do it again. This goes on till the bag arrives........its beautiful just what you wanted, you cannot imagine loveing a bag so much and think money well spent, but I will not do it again, at peace as have your dream bag.:yahoo:

    A week later you are just looking around, only looking you tell yourself and their would you believe is a different dream bag..................and so it goes on.:rolleyes: only this time its easier......

    Does anyone relate.
  2. OMG! Are talking about me!!! Bag addicts are really crazy. I get a new bag and say this is the end for the year and then. . . I see another one and rationalize, I got to have it - its my dream bag. And so on and so forth.

    So SAICH2, I could definitely relate. Hands down.
  3. I think we can all relate. It a expensive habit to have.
  4. You must be talking about me, too.

    Yes, it is an expensive habbit to have, but too bad, I am forever hooked. Someday (not far in the future), I can see myself advancing to Hermes.
  5. I know its quite scarey. I remember when I first bought a bag for £100 which I thought was such a lot now its over £1,000 goodness knows what it will be in the future with all these lovely Spys, but at the end of the day I think we need a treat (well thats the excuse I give myself LOL....):yes:
  6. Oh, sure - I can relate to that... The worst is not the spending, but the guilt when you don't love the bag as much as you thought, or when you stop loving it and move on to the next... I feel so bad about lonely, unloved bags.
  7. i've chases my petrol spy all over the world LOL,called each European botique and was told it's out of stock and thats noway i can find one... i had the hologram as a 2nd i called paris as A LAST HOPE CALL and guess what i didnt find one petrol BUT 3 petrols :biggrin: :biggrin: (it was not petrol season imagine me) :biggrin:
  8. WTH, stay out of my head!!!!!!!!!! LOL! LOL!
  9. Yes! I can *so* relate to this! Now that I have a little money and have "advanced" to quality items, less expensive items just don't do it anymore....but I'm getting into a rarefied atmosphere that can't go on forever. Part of it really is the thrill of the chase...I've hunted down limited edition bags--it's the idea of having the last one. And I push it to the last minute. And keep changing my mind. It's simply got to stop!! lol :smile: And deciding not to buy one and then kicking yourself for not getting it. My only consolation and hope may be to tell myself how many truly *ugly* bags Fendi makes!
  10. That is why I like to buy retail...Sometimes the thrill of the chase is so great that when the treasure makes it way to my home, I say to myself: what was I thinking?:confused1: And it doesn't seem so great anymore...And back to the store it goes! :yes: Some of course stay home and receive lots of love :heart: So in the long run I save money (:nuts: :nuts: ) by returning the ones that are just infatuations and not TRUE LOVE...

    (How's that for a rationalization..Feel free to borrow it...I got a million of 'em!)