The thrill of the chase!

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  1. So how much of the joy of a new bag is the thrill of the chase? I have noticed that a lot of people use the term 'stalking' when refering to the attainment of their next purchase and they talk about the rush of saving for a certain amount of time and then finally being to buy a new bag. Also, I like the stories of people getting on waiting lists, or calling all these stores and hunting discounting shops refreshing the Nieman's site to snag a great deal.

    I know for me, that is so much the fun of a bag. A great deal that was hard to come by or some other triumphant find is almost as awesome as the bag itself. The problem is sometimes after I have dreamed and researched and saved and searched and the finally get my bag, while I am loving the new bag, I start itching to start a new hunt! Anyone else feel like that?
  2. I have moments like that too. I think sometimes part of the fun is in the searching, researching and stalking out a killer deal on a great bag. I don't think I could ever just walk into a store and pay full price for a bag that I didn't know anything about. Getting a great deal on a bag that you really, really want is a great feeling.
  3. All the time...all the time.I totally relate:yes:
  4. Ohhhh the thrill of the hunt! When I make a decision to buy a bag I love looking around for the perfect one - comparing colors, pictures, styles etc. I almost hesitate to settle on one because the fun of shopping for it is over - until the next one, lol.

    I'm the same way with anything, if I'm buying a new coat I'm going to go into every store in the mall and try a dozen on at least. What fun would it be to walk in and buy one from the first store you try? I may come back to that first one but first I must look at everything. I love the whole process of shopping! :yahoo:

  5. I love having a bag to stalk. I actually get depressed if I realize that I do not have a bag to hunt! Right now, I don't want anything- and I feel empty.
  6. I know this feeling. No sooner did I buy a Dolce and Gabbana, a Balenciaga City, a small Givenchy and another small Bal bag (all since Feb) than I started tracking down a purple Chloe.
  7. I can relate. I research, shope everywhere and then when I walk into the store where I'm ready to buy I get a bit of a rush. Once I get them item, I'm calm for a while until I decide to go OCD over something else.
  8. Yeah, I know that empty feeling when I don't have a goal bag in mind. I have it now! I am not someone that likes tons of 'stuff' just a few awesome things - but I need another subject to stalk because it was soo much fun and excitement to research, compare deals and save up for my previous bag!
  9. I used to be on the hunt, but I'm tired of trying to find the whatever it is I'm fixated on. I know part of it is a pure manipulation of the consumer by the designer/store, and I'm about to say I won't play the game anymore.

    I recently contacted the Ferragamo store in Atlanta looking for a Fiera wallet, and I never heard back from them. I gave up and later on found the NEW Fiera design at Bloomies, and I could get it discounted, too! I love the wallet, but I can't imagine going into the boutique for anything ever again.
  10. I can definitely relate :shame: I just love the feeling of hunting an item down. It gives me such a high lol!
  11. i love that you used the word "stalking" to refer to the search for bags. it's like an addiction isn't it? once u have one, u have to have another!! lol!

    i feel like that too...only i don't buy them, i just have this mile long wish list!!
  12. Everyone, i think we're all on the same boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. I'm not sure if it's the thrill of the hunt, but I do get bored pretty easily so I cycle through my bags quickly. I yearn for a particular bag for soooo long (while I save up for it) that when I finally get it, it's almost anticlimactic. It's sad, really!
  14. I feel so much in tune with you. I see a bag I must have, I suffer over the money, I try it on a few times or call all over trying to locate it, finally succumb, love it for a short while and then see one I want even more!! Is there any end to this cycle?? I'm going through that right now, yet again -and my price points seem to be getting higher.