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  1. I’ve been a BV lover for about 10 years and have over 40 pieces but haven’t bought a single piece in the past year because of dwindling choice of the classic BV styles. I love the lack of logos, the soft, supple intrecciato and cervo and the clean styles of what now seems to be the past. The current line is unrecognizable, cheap-looking and impractical in many cases. No need to debate the new styles with me here...I will never buy them. No need to discuss the why of the new direction the company is doesn’t matter. Just need to vent and am now wondering what’s next...second hand market? Don’t know where to begin.
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  2. Change is inevitable. I may be wrong but it seems to me that many of the BV fans who are the most upset tend to purchase new over pre-loved. They go to the boutiques and see nothing of the old BV that we all so universally love and are disillusioned with the direction the brand is heading in. I can see how that would be upsetting, I feel much the same way when I go to our local boutique. But as a purchaser of pre-loved bags I feel somewhat cushioned from the blow.
    I've only been collecting BV the last couple or three years and have always purchased on the pre-loved market for financial reasons. So I'm going to sit back and watch what Daniel Lee does during his tenure with BV while I continue to scoop up Tomas Maier's lovely bags on the secondary market. As long as I can continue to find beautiful TM BVs in excellent condition I feel I can wait and see if the pendulum swings back in favour of some of the iconic bags. Or if some of the future styles perhaps are a little more to my taste, who knows? I hated Demna Gvasalia's new Balenciaga designs initially and now own several of them.
  3. @Gourmetgal I feel the same way, and have loved BV since 2011. I’ve just reached a comfortable place in my life only to have BV turn into something I never expected. I, like @muchstuff, will be a pre-loved BV fan. I have been back to the BV forum only to see if my purse nightmare would end, but I guess this is it. My friends have my contact info - I’m not much interested in any other brand, so? I cannot for the life of me understand the nonsense of ‘influencer’ (so, jump off that cliff, let me follow you), I have been a computer professional for too long to find any remaining speck of life in social media, and I have no desire to win friends and influence people at this stage of my life. :coolio: Ya’ll discontinue my Cervo and my normal-sized intrecciato, you discontinue me spending my money. It’s almost a win-win, because now I can spend money on something WORTHWHILE. :eek:
  4. One of the silver lining is that you can buy something in the outlet that are probably deeply discounted. Gosh I am still drooling on this collection -> This was one of the most beautiful collection of all time and throughout the known universe. :lol: :roflmfao:
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  5. What Much said. Majority of the bags I’ve purchased over the last 10 years or so have been pre-loved. I don’t often like to use the word “hate”, but I hate majority of the new designs. They’re just not BV to me. BUT, the secondary market still has loads of the gorgeous pieces I love. I’ve let go of majority of my other bags have purchased BV exclusively for the last couple of years and until the the secondary market either runs out of TM BV, or becomes ridiculously expensive, then I think I have a few more years of enjoying it.

    I honestly do feel bad for the ones that purchase new and in store... I can only imagine that feeling of seeing the new pieces replace the timeless elegance and beauty of the TM designs. I get that feeling whenever I pass by LV. I miss the old designs from 20 or so years ago. It doesn’t feel classic anymore.
  6. HK, you touch on another unfortunate development as well. The pricing of the very mediocre new styles seems designed to create a snob appeal to the line. Can’t think of any other reason for the sharp uptick in pricing. And can I just say, even the clothing seems unwearable and just plain weird!

    I guess if I really need a BV fix I can check out the resale market...any suggestions for reliable sites?
  7. The bay is always a good place to look for deals, but I have items authenticated here if I’m not sure. If you purchase from a Japanese seller you may not always get extra requested photos, and sometimes there is the musty smell (which is an easy fix, but a huge deal breaker for some). I’ve had good luck with Fashionphile, Yoogis Closet and TheRealReal. One of the best parts of purchasing pre-loved is it’s usually already broken in. I know some people like the brand new, crisp feel but I like my bags to look and feel loved.
  8. Thanks.
  9. To add to the list, Real Deal Collections, although they don't have a lot of BV. Rebag. Ann's Fabulous Finds.
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  10. actually, the new designs bring influx of lots of tomas maier's stuffs to secondary market, at least in this area of the world. it seems like ppl is afraid the classic collection is outmoded by the change of the AD and just sell them all.

    good for me, more options with great great price.

    i am waiting patiently for an embroidered pillow to appear on the second hand market, and i will scoop it. fast.
  11. I’ll keep an eye out, any particular colour or geographical area you want it coming from?
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  12. @muchstuff awwwwww thanks, that's very sweet.

    i think i will need to buy it from inside my country as we have lotsa problem 'importng' stuffs with the custom etc.fortunately we have lots of great resellers here.

    really appreciate your help, tho.
  13. No worries!
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