the thought of having to do this breaks my heart, but...

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  1. i fear i don't have a choice :sad: many of you know that buying the lighter vernis colors means running the risk of discoloration and color transfers. i bought my marshmallow reade pm almost three years ago, and i was still new to LV as it was only my third piece, and first vernis. i was aware of color transfer and was always very careful of that, but i did not know lighter colors were prone to discoloration. i really haven't used her that much and when i don't use her she's always been stored in her dust bag so when i noticed some yellowing spots i was both heartbroken and :cursing:

    i don't know what to do. i know LV is going to tell me that it's inevitable and there's nothing they can do so i'm not going to bother taking the bag to them. i honestly hardly ever use the bag anymore. i have never even dreamed of parting with a piece of louis as when anything vuitton becomes mine it will not leave my possession, but i'm wondering if i should sell my reade pm before she gets too bad. the yellowing seems to be getting worse. it makes me sad that the same exact bag is going for really no more than $250 on ebay...i'd like to see her get a little more since i will need to replace her with a piece of amarante RIGHT AWAY.

    what should i do? should i sell her? i would take pics but i think the yellowing would be hard to see with lighting and everything. i'm so sad :crybaby:
  2. it would make me feel better if i got that amount for her, i guess i'd just have to put a reserve on the auction. i'd have to wait until amarante is available though, as soon as i sell her i would have to go LV like the same day i receive payment. lol. only problem is the piece i want in amarante is a roxbury, which is about $500 more than the price that reade pm is going for. that's the most i've seen my bag go for actually.
  3. I'd try selling it but put a reserve on it. I have a couple of Marshmallow pieces and while mine don't have the spots, they turned a slight peachy color, especially the 4 key holder.
  4. You'd definitely get more than $250- there's the one in similar condition to yours going for $400 and one that just sold for $510.
  5. hopefully. i want to know when amarante is coming out though because i will go ballistic if i have to sell it and can't replace it IMMEDIATELY with a piece i want. lol. i just know i saw this bag going for only $250 one point and i was like :Push::tdown::crybaby:
  6. If you won't use it due to the yellowing, you should sell it. It's sad, but think of how beautiful amarante is going to be!!!
  7. It's too bad you didn't use the bag more often and actually get to enjoy it. Do you knit? I would just retire her to being a little knitting bag. An LV knitting bag how cool would that be!
  8. What a great idea! Think of some other use for it. I have a smallish Harrods tote -- about the size of a reade that I use as a travel bag for tolietries, etc. and I love it. Maybe you could use it for something like that or put sentimental stuff in it that you've collected over the years. I bet you could think of something really cool to use it for.
  9. i would sell it, even if you don't get what you want, if it gets any worse you wont like the bag and then your price that you will get later might be even less
  10. I know its hard to part with our beloved LV's I have a spring street with a little yellowing, but she is still beautiful to me. Using her for something else like the others sugguested sounds like a great idea.
  11. ^dedfinitely use it for something else, if you cant bear to part with her!
  12. One question!!

    Did it get yellow spots just from RESTING IN THE DUSTBAG??? I Have a piece of perle that hardly ever leaves the dustbag (I never use it) and I would not likt this to happen to it.
  13. If you are not going to use it anymore i would sell it
  14. I feel your pain with the discoloration - that sucks.

    do you not want to use it?
    if thats the case I'd sell it and any other bag I was no longer using.