The Things You Love Around Your Home

  1. My home is my castle, as the saying goes. We love our homes. We're sorrounded with things we love at home.

    Here's mine (aside from family photos);


    It was love at first sight for DH and me with this fauteuil and can be turn into a chaisse longue


    Another one that I love is this old chest of drawers. We bought this 2nd hand bc I like to mix old and new. Again, it was love at first sight for me. It was in our living room but we decided to put it in our bedroom. I love it when I close/open my eyes looking the DH on the left side and this furniture on the left side. That's what I called LOVE :hbeat:


    Another thing I love are these. They cost nothing, but they're so precious to me. I just happened to find the smallest shell on the beach myself.

    I'm sure all of us are sorrounded with the things that we love at home or wherever we are. This can be a vase, a picture in a frame, a table, a sugar bowl or anything. Some maybe of great or of less value, maybe with fond memories or with lovely stories. What's yours? Pls. share:smile:
  2. that is a gorgeous shell collection! i just love shells, my friend has amassed quite a collection as well but she and her husband go to the beach practically everyday! she has some goregous cowries and just recently added a very pretty urchin shell.

    very cool chaise! love the color too!!

    i'll start with my dresser! well mostly the top of it. it houses a majority of my shoes! i love cake pedestals, but there's literally no place to put them in my kitchen so i use them to put all my favorite little trickets and also some vintage tea cup and saucer sets that work well for storing small rings or rubber bands inside. this is one of my favorite lamps ever! i love the organic wood mixed with the metal pimples, weird but in a cool way.


    i've had quite a bit of time to amass things that i love..some things are items that i had purchased for clients and that they didn't want so it ends up in my house. i think i subconsciously do this hoping that they'll say "no"!

    like this little butterfly bowl, it was a reject but now it stores a lot of my bangles and jingle jangles!

    most of my accessories rest here, i'm more drawn to purchasing cheap costume jewelry than shelling out a lot for fine jewelry, but i do like to mix it up sometimes!
  3. great idea for a thread. love the pics roundandround and Betty. keep them coming. I'll take pics of some of my faves tonight to post here.
  4. ^what a great idea for a thread, R&R!

    that chaise is so cool. I love that you mix styles. I absolutely LOVE your old's just the type of piece I'd like. of course, being a florida girl it's great to see your seashells. I have them all over my house too.

    ^I love cake plates too! I keep a few of mine on top of my kitchen cabinets. you have a wonderful eclectic mix in your home too. it's great to see all of your creative storage solutions (I'm a pack rat, so I'm getting some good ideas from you).
  5. thanks f&f. yea, i'm not sure why, i'm always drawn to things that i can put stuff in, large bowls, baskets, boxes,'s weird! i think i'm terribly afraid of clutter!

    one of my exes was a total mess, leaving things all over the place (receipts, random nuts and bolts, random papers with notes, etc.) so i would constantly buy boxes and bowls to contain his stuff, i think the habit just stuck.
  6. Thank you! I love walking on the beach looking for shells, corals and other stuff. I love the smell of the sea, brings back beautiful memories.

    OMG Love looking at your photos! Thanks for posting. I love how you put things spontaniously, I mean, not very much in a super, super tidy arrangement. And by looking at those photos, we have the same thing in common lol I love boxes, baskets and trays. God, I love your butterfly bowl. Love cake stands too, although I only have 2 ATM. But I'm planning to get some vintage ones one day.

    Thank you! Pls. post yours! I can't wait:smile:

    Thank you f&f! Yes my dresser/chest is very dear to me. I'll never part with it lol The lowest drawer is sometimes very difficult to open/close but I still love it. I just don't put things that I always use, like my nps:graucho:
  7. yup, i love etsy for shopping for vintage. i'm eying out this pink milk glass stand right now..sigh.
  8. Betty I'm exactly the same. I can't stand to see clutter and always look for ways to put stuff in to keep it tidy.
  9. here are some pics if my faves
  10. first up my dresser with my jewellery box, Eiffel tower mirror and some of my goodies

  11. I just love old trunks. this one I got for $70 from a discount store then I found the suitcase for $40. they are new just made to look old. they are perfect for storage btw. I keep my mums old jewellery box and my grandmas old vanity case ontop.

  12. ^^ oh and that's my grandpa's old typewriter on the bottom.

    lastly I want to post this glass table that was also my mums. she's had it for over 30 years and i love it so much she gave it to me. it lives on one side of my bed ATM

  13. ^my grandma used to say that you can rub a bar of soap on the wood runners that are under the door that you slide it closed on (does that make any sense at all?). the soap makes the drawer slide open & closed more easily.

    ^lovely mirrored accessories!

    ^those old trunks look great stacked together with your family's cases.

    ^having inherited pieces around is so nice...adds a loved/lived in touch.
  14. hey ff it's great to see you again :hugs: thanks for your reply.

  15. em, it's great. i love all the mirrored stuff and the trunks, they are great!!!