The things no one told you to expect...but...

  1. Even though several of my friends had babies before my DH and I had our first, there were lots of things that I just didn't know, that I kind of had wished I had a clue about before they happened! So... I thought this might be a fun and useful thread for the expectant moms. What things caught you by surprise when you were expecting or after you brought that new baby home??

    Here are a few of mine....:s

    1) Being HOT. Like, menopausal hot-flashes HOT after baby was born - and for a few months following! This one makes sense since your body isn't making the same level of estrogen after you deliver, and estrogen regulates your body temp. But still, I wasn't prepared for the night sweats! After a night or two, i started to sleep on layers of towels so I could peel them off during the night if I was too damp! Also kept a spare pair of PJs by my pillow and changed after feeding(s)....

    2) How much leakage there can be from lactating breasts (just discussed this in the nursing bra thread, which inspired this thread!) and how staining fatty breastmilk can be

    3) that 'less bladder control after delivery' might just mean NO control! Got home from hospital with baby, hit the bathroom and before I could get my pants undone, my body got the "Oh! Goody! Toilet!" signal and I then had a bathroom rug and pants to wash before I was home even 15 minutes! (this improved rapidly though!)

    lots more.... but I'll stop for now. Please add yours!
  2. the incontinence after natural child birth could be repaired if it does not get better after 6 months of kegel exercise.
    I had to suffer incontinence for 3 years before I was told that it could be fixed via surgery.
    So now 6 months after I give birth I will have a reparative surgery down there...
  3. Sarsi, how are you doing??
  4. That breastfeeding, especially in the beginning is HARD! You expect it to be the most natural thing, a glowing moment...but it can be really difficult and frustrating.
  5. How much hair falls out of your head and what your stomach looks like afterwards.
  6. losing a lot of hair, tearing during natural birth, and getting hemmorhoids (however u spell it) from sitting so long at the hosp and pushing too hard. :*(
  7. losing hair is a big one.

    no matter how much you love your child-being awaken at 2,4 and 6 in the morning can put you in a very bad mood.

    read child related or any books for that matters before you have the child coz you will have no free time to do so afterwards.

    back pain-does everyone get that?
  8. Leg cramps are a killer. I had never gotten leg cramps untill I was pregnant.
  9. That I would be constipated the entire time I was pregnant. I should have bought stock in Metamucil beforehand.

    Also that at the beginning, I really was exhausted. I guess I was told to expect that, but I had always thought that my friends were exaggerating/fishing for sympathy. So my first thought on being pregnant was that I owed them all a giant apology for doubting them when they would cancel plans when they were preggers. I was always like, "How tired can she be?" And now I know that the answer is "really d*mn tired."

    That when I first started feeling the baby move, it would make me a bit nauseous.
  10. OMG! ^ Soooooooooooooo much hair! You'd think I hadn't bushed it for years! :wtf:
  11. Monkoroo, I had all three of these too! And no one warned me!
    initially no bladder control, its gotten worlds better, but it will never be what it was!

    Oh and I had RLS, (restless leg sydrome) during pregnancy, it was rough!
  12. ... I wish I had known how bad postpartum depression would be. I was positively euphoric during my pregnancy but didn't know I'd "crash" so hard after the baby came. I did have an inkling the euphoria of baby hormones wouldn't last. Some new mothers don't have hormone issue but coping issue and can also be depressed.

    No one I knew ever had PDD, not mom, SILs, aunts, nada. I didn't seek help for PPD and suffered silently for nearly 18 months. I was prepared the second time and sought help immediately! It saved my sanity...

    Any new moms suffering from PPD should seek help immediately. If your doctor tries to underplay your suffering, don't leave the office until they give you whatever it is you need to get through it, either counseling or medication to get you back on track.
  13. Hi Monkaroo
    I've been bed rest again for a few days...
    but doin fine;)
    Baby is full term already at 37 weeks.
    So anytime now...:push:
    thanks for asking.
  14. I do love to see this, because at some day I will need to be prepared!
  15. Glad you are holding up, Sarsi! Wonderful that baby is full term now. Keeping good thoughts for you.

    Totally agree with everything that has come up here so far! Thank you, rainrowan for bringing up PPD. So very very true and critical. I hope you eventually got the support you need.

    Same on the 'breastfeeding is hard' at first comment! It really is! Get all the input and guidance you can when you are still in hospital and talk with lactation consultants if/when things aren't going well in the first few weeks. It makes a huge difference. One thing I never knew was that I'd come to really enjoy and cherish breastfeeding. Go figure! And we had alot of rough spots in the first months. Totally worth it; so glad we did it.

    Here's another thing I didn't know to expect.... breastfed babies (can) have really really LOUD bowel movements. Holy croly! Across-the-roomers! And there is nothing funnier than when they have one of these while you are, say, out and about with them in a sling or babybjorn. I'll never forget the look on the WholeFoods produce guy's face... To this day I still wonder if he thought it was ME passing major gas!