The thing I hate about B-bags - what would you do?

  1. I hate this. I hate making these kinds of decisions. I can keep my pale pink purse from Cult Status. I am not thrilled with the leather because it is not as shiny and vibrant in color as I would have liked. It does have kind of a vintagey look though. But I LOVE the the style and I doubt I will find one again. I want a new one too. Not big on the eBay thing.

    OR....I could take a chance on the leather (which looks nice in the photos) and get the pale pink city from BNY (yes, he finally sent photos). If I don't like IT, we all know I have a store credit. But I HAVE to mail back the one to CS by no later than Monday.

    So, which would you pick? The style you like less or the leather? Also, with the purse being discontinued, I WANT them. :smile:

    While I love the city, I think the pink is nice in the purse because it is a more feminine style in a more feminine color.
  2. between 2 choices if i have to pick between the style and leather.
    i would go for the style first :yes:
  3. I would not get either - I would wait for the perfect bag - dont settle!
  4. I have a friend with a pale pink first and she describes the same vintage pink color. I sometimes think the the pink bags look pinker in pictures then they are IRL. Shiny can also be fixed with LMB's shine restore. I guess what I am trying to say here is what happens if the city comes and it is more shiny than the the purse but is around the same color. I know you can send it back but will you be disappointed you didn't keep the purse?

    Also is there anything you would be interested in getting store credit for? What if you don't like the fall winter colors? Then your money is tied up for even longer.
  5. Bal NY can be very difficult in my experience in exchanging bags so I would avoid that if at all possible.
  6. i would keep the purse... only just bc its being disc.
  7. I would go with the style you prefer... the leather changes over time, and with products like LMB you can even change the leather yourself a bit to suit your taste.
  8. Don't settle. The minute you do the EXACT bag you want will come along! I speak from experience... :yes: Your dream bag will come.
  9. I would choose the style first. If you don't want to do the eBay thing, then I sawy keep the purse cause you won't find another brand new one. Keep it and if you do get lucky somehow and find another pale pink purse in mint condition, you can sell the one you have and buy the new one.
  10. I think I would keep the style that I liked as eventually, the leather is going to change over time anyway :yes:
  11. ditto! and I speak from experience!:yes:
  12. I would pick the style you like better over the leather you like better. Besides, it sounds like you sort of like the pink purse now, since you said it looks kind of vintagey.
  13. Yes, for the amount of $$$ these cost, don't settle !!