The Tempete reveal

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Though I've been following the Chanel forum more closely, I've also developed a growing liking for Bal bags.

    So I decided to get my first one in Tempete RH!

    All thanks to a lovely TPFer dannkat who helped me get it :hugs:
    Today I got a JC charm to go along with it too :cloud9:

    Here are some pictures of it. Excuse the poor photography as I used my iphone.

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  3. Even with the "poor photography", it's still obviously one gorgeous bag.
    Many congrats and enjoy it.



  4. tillie Thanks! ;) I was considering a Officier or some dark blue colour (even canard) but I know the former colour would be soo difficult to get, plus I thought of getting a light-coloured bag since I've so many dark-coloured ones already.

    BTW, I'm drooling over your Birkins too, and it's so sweet of your daughter to get you one... I also hope for the day that my daughter will think of me in that way.

    Livia Thanks for the compliments. I think this is a gorgeous colour too. Though it was difficult to get too, since it's a past season colour.
  5. valnsw.......... I think Tempete is beautiful, and was a good choice for you. Thank you for the compliments on my Bags, and My Daughter!:love:

  6. Yeah, I would imagine a Tempete RH City would be quite hard to find. Understandably so; it's gorgeous. Glad you manged to find one!
  7. Great find!! I love it CONGRATS. Love the charm too. :yahoo:
  8. Love the bag and the charm! Great choice! Congrats!
  9. very pretty. i like tempete alot esp w/gsh
  10. gorgeous! tempete is one of those colors that looks really good with RH, congrats on your purchase
  11. it's beautiful!! congrats on your new bag :smile:
  12. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  13. Congrats on your first Bbag! Tempete is a beautiful and versatile color and a RH City is a great choice!! And welcome to the addiction:graucho:
  14. Congrats! I am a Chanel girl too who has recently been interested in Balenciaga. The tempete city with rh is my first bbag too! You made a great choice. It is the perfect casual bag to compliment the dressier Chanel collection. You are going to love it! Congrats and I look forward to your next bbag choice! :tup:
  15. gorgeous!