1. Post your MINIS here!!

    That includes:
    • Mini Sac HL
    • Mini Papillon
    • Mini Pochette Accessoires
    • Mini Agendas / Mini Ring Agendas
    • Mini Trocadero
    • Mini Zippy Wallet
    So show me those teeny-tiny LVs!! :yahoo:
  2. I have a Mono Mini HL , but i need to take some better pictures of it!
  3. ^ Yeah, but this combines all of them.

    And there's no mini papillon club! Lots of TPFers have those!
  4. true...........

  5. Mini pochette and Sarria Mini in my collection:

  6. Mini HL
    mini hl.jpg
  7. my mommy has a mini zippy vernis wallet :smile: and i have a mini accessories azur. but nothing exciting about that. lol. and oh yeah! i have a "mini" papillon. it's not the tiny pencil case kind that comes with the pap 30, but mine's the 19, discontinued :biggrin:
  8. I want a mini accessoires pochette!

    Karman: I love your Azur Pochette!