The teany tiny club! Icon Minis

  1. My first club I have joined! I started the thread...but amamxr got one first!

    My Icon mini speedy.
    (polish is for size reference)

  2. :flowers::flowers::heart::heart: I just love her to death..
    We are family!! yeah:wlae::wlae::wlae::wlae:
  3. I'm really liking these tiny baby versions. What other styles do they have?
  4. Those are cute to look at, but soooo... useless???? :s I suppose if you have $200-300 lying around. I wouldn't though. Don't want to be a hater, but just my opinion.
  5. No problem...not every piece is for everyone ;) I love unique pieces, so I couldn't resist.
  6. Me love...where do you get them from??? Have not seen them until now? How much is the baby speedy...I soo want one....HELP!!!! Do I call the 866 is gorgeous...congrats:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. $200 -$300? aren't these around 2000- 3000? hmm
  8. no way 2000-3000 that seems like way too would cost more than my 3 bags if it is 3k....:confused1:
  9. it is the mini lockit...ohhh I do love it...congrats...
  10. what's the difference between the mini speedy and the mini sac? i have the mini sac in mono and it looks like a mini speedy to me. :confused1:
  11. Think these are the functional keychain charm items that were exclusive only to the vip
  12. Karen Kooper did have the VIP MC lockit (I think) for that price but I think these ^^^ NM exclusives are more afforadale!
  13. The Lockits, speedy and steamer..:flowers:
  14. Thats ok what works for some may not for others. Yes, you probably are correct in stating they are useless but then so are most collectables which is why we are drawn to collecting. Dont faint now... these collectables are considerably more than 2-3...:flowers:
  15. Thanks Pug- mine is the Steamer...