The teal triplets --- teal shoebag debut!

  1. So thanks to the tip Didi gave... Chigirl, Esile, and I managed to snag the three teal shoebags from Barneys BH! Yay! We all got them yesterday, and we wanted to share photos! :smile:

    this bag is perfect! I already took it out yesterday and will definitely be using it everyday. It's awesome, it fits everything I normally carry in my bags (makeup bag and checkbooks comfortably in the main pocket -- and credit cards, cash and my id in the zippered pocket). I've been looking for/needing a Balenciaga that I can use as a wallet/carry all and put inside my bigger bags. It really works perfectly - and that way I am able to find everything! It fits in my citys and my old hobo/messengers perfectly -- and of course the bigger bags too. Also, since it's from S/S '05 it's the 'older' leather - so thick, soft, smooshy and perfectly distressed. It's just gorgeous!

    It can also be worn as a clutch, you can tie it and wrap it around your wrist, it's absolutely adorable this way too - and a great bag that fits a good amount for when you need a small clutch style bbag! :smile:

    So without further delay.. here are the photos! :smile: (In order: mine, Chigirl's (don't you love her puppy? :smile:), and Esile's!)
    TealShoebag4.jpg TealShoebagBack2.jpg TealShoebag2.jpg TealShoebag1.jpg 07-01-06_1412.jpg 06-30-06_2033.jpg teal2.jpg teal3.jpg teal4.jpg
  2. Cute! I saw these in person when I was there last week....they are really cute...there was an off white one that I was going to get but decided against (too many expenses and was afraid of the light color), but the teal ones were really cute....yummy leather and amazing price yall got!!
  3. I don't know why that one photo is showing up as a link, so here it is again. :smile:

    grr. it's not working so click on the link because it's a cute pic!!!! :love:
  4. So cool! The leather looks fab and I love the color! Congrats, mimi, chigirl, and esile! :flowers:
  5. So cute! Congrats gals!!!
  6. just saw the other pic! so cute!!! what color is that first with the shoebag?
  7. Argh!!!!

    So that's why there were no teal shoebags left when I went to Barney's!! I read the thread and headed out there, didn't find any, and was like, "wow they sure sold fast"... :Push:

    Well, I'm glad they at least went to people on tPF... Congrats guys! :biggrin:
  8. it is my teal first. it is a little lighter than the shoebag. the shoebag leather/color is more similar to the messenger leather/color. they are not that far off IRL though.

    edit: i think the difference is that the teal first is used (and conditioned) so they are probably going to look the same in a little bit. right mimi?
  9. oooh nice! well, girls, I tried on one of your shoebags! by the time I got to a comp I saw that someone had posted about the sale and I knew they would be history soon hehe :smile:
  10. thanks for posting the teal triplets, mims! :flowers:
    i love your pup, chi.:love:

    this shoebag is fabulous. if anyone ever gets a chance to get one, go for it. for those who use big bags and change bags often, this is perfect because you can just put all your essentials inside this shoebag... and when you change bags just take the shoebag out and put it in your new bag. simple.

    the leather is thick and soft and the color is gorgeous.
    thanks, chi, for convincing me that i NEEDED it!

    thanks all for the congrats.:flowers:
  11. Congrats to Mimi, Chigirl, and Esile the lucky triplets!! The shoebag looks so cute on your arm Esile:love:. Teal is such a nice color and the sale price makes it sooo much nicer. I never thought about the shoebag before, but now....:graucho:
  12. Congrat Chigirl, Esile and Mimi on the teal shoe bags! Maybe LP and I should post our taupe twins :graucho:
  13. Great shoebags, ladies! LOVE the color! Congrats!
  14. it's very different, cool for a clutch! love that teal first too. cute puppy. lucky dog. hahaha.

  15. yesssss you should :graucho: :love:

    thanks guys! ;) I agree with Esile, it's perfect and so easy to use!