The Taxman bought me 5 Chanels!

  1. Hi everyone, I got a huge tax refund recently and went a little Chanel crazy (little is understatement! I admit) .. buying 5 bags in a week::wtf:

    1. Blue fonce caviar jumbo flap
    2. Red caviar jumbo flap
    3. Black metallic reissue 227 (on the fence about it) :confused1:
    4. Dark silver reissue 227 -- I lucked into this bag and can't believe I absolutely LOVE it!
    5. Black patent reissue 227 (en route from Saks - Texas)
    Pics following!

    I have gotten compliments on the blue caviar all day -- from my (male) dentist and (male) mechanic, too!
    blue fonce caviar jumbo.jpg Me & blue caviar 2.jpg
  2. Still blue caviar

    This is what I'm wearing today and the 2nd pic is all the stuff I have inside the blue caviar.
    interior blue fonce caviar jumbo.jpg Me & blue caviar.jpg
  3. Red
    red caviar jumbo.jpg
  4. Black metallic
    black metallic reissue 227.jpg
  5. :nuts: Wow that's quite a haul! Taxman rules!
    I love the red flap and the chain is beautiful.
  6. Cannot believe that I'm in love with this dark silver....I never thought about buying it! My SA happened to be there when a customer turned it down and she snagged it for me! I love the subtle "bling"!
    dk silver metallic reissue 227.jpg
  7. Beautiful. What a great way to spend a refund! They are all lovely.
  8. :drool: period!
  9. Omg I am so jealous!! Congtratulations, you have excellent taste!
  10. Love the color, of the blue flap, they are all lovely,congrats!!
  11. wow congrats!
  12. WOW GREAT choices! I love every one of them!
  13. Impressive. Enjoy them. The blue is stunning.
  14. wow, luv all of them, congrats!!!
  15. I totally love the blue one. Wow .. it might just be the most beautiful flap. I adore it. :woohoo::woohoo:

    Regina .. I think it's time for you so show us a new family portrait. I can't believe you bought your first Chanel in january. How many do you have now? :p:biggrin: