The Tatiana: I Shouldn'ta, I Wouldn'ta, I Couldn'ta...But I Did

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  1. I really, really, really should not have bought another bag. Really. I promised myself. Then, I saw the new MMK Tatiana, and I thought it was the best looking handbag that came out of that company in a long time. It's smooth leather, structured and, I think, quite sophisticated. And, MMK is on sale everywhere. And I had 37 Macys rewards bucks. So I bought it. It comes in several color choices. I got the burgundy/oxblood combo.Here it is: 20180930_173845.jpg 20180930_173715.jpg 20180930_173726 - Copy.jpg 20180930_173720.jpg 20180930_173826.jpg
  2. Congrats! She is beautiful!!!
  3. Really love it!!
  4. Thanks. You know, it has the style and sophistication of a Kelly bag, but, I think the lack of a flap cover is ingenious. It is so much easier to open and close. I mean, I love the Kelly bag (not that I will ever afford an Hermes Kelly), but this design is so practical.
  5. Exactly!
  6. What a pretty bag and the color is beautiful!
  7. Love this!!! :smile:
  8. Beautiful! I was just looking at this bag.
  9. How elegant! Is it suede-lined? It looks so rich and well-made...

    If you could post a pic of what fits inside (wallet, phone, lippie, agenda or cosmetics pouch, glasses, etc) I´d be very grateful, and thanks in advance!
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  10. Wow! Elegant.
  11. It's lined in a very suede-like microfiber, I believe. I will go to work in a "What's in my bag" set of pictures.
  12. does anyone else own this? i haven't seen many reviews
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  13. Anyone have an update on this bag? On sale at Macy's and very tempting!! Would love to know what can fit inside if anyone can answer.
  14. I didn't buy it but tested it at Macys. I decided to leave it because it was very heavy empty and was cramped and hard to open. The lock was too much hassle - you have to loosen it every time you want inside. :sad:
  15. Thank you!! I definitely don't want a heavy bag. Have also been looking at the Gramercy mini also, I have a fascination with small bags lately lol.
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