The Tale of Two Rogue's....

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  1. I'm currently driving myself insane trying to decide between these two beauties. The Western Rivets in black or the suede in heather gray Which one gets your vote.
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  4. I ordered grey suede one, and returned it next day. It is a beauty, but I wasn't wowed by it. Now if it had contrast lining like other leather Rogue bags, then I might have kept it. I haven't seen this rivet one in person, but it looks very pretty, all-season, care-free bag to me. I'm considering the rivet in white.....but not sure. Anyways, it really depends on what you are looking for, if you want subtle elegance for Fall-Winter grey suede will be nice as well.
  5. I love the chalk rivets too. Maybe more than the black.
  6. If you're looking for something edgy & unique, then get the rivets rogue. The grey is more subtle elegance. Personally, I love the grey suede.... :smile:
  7. I second that. :smile:
  8. I am no help, I am torn between the red one and the grey suede.
  9. I love the grey suede, but maybe because I'm not much for embellishments that aren't tassels.

    You could take the rogue less travelled by, jk
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  10. I just saw the black western rivets in person and fell in LOVE! But I'm also all about the edgy look in bags. The only thing I worry about with this Rogue line is the straps are so thin, and the bag is heavy with nothing in it. I have the swagger rivets bag and it hurts my shoulder to carry it due to the thin straps.
  11. I've seen both in store recently. The black rivets gets my vote.
  13. I prefer the rivets. I have the non Western rivets rogue in black with the tassels and it my most favorite Rogue ever. Probably my most favorite bag ever. I love the gray suede, but it will have to be handled very delicately for sure. Good luck deciding!!
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  14. Rivets all day. Every day. The black leather is very rich and seems more durable than the suede, though I admit I loved the grey suede when I saw it first. Depending on how you style your outfit, you could make the rivets rogue look a bit more refined by removing the hangtags...maybe?