The tale of the "Morning After"...She ARRIVED!!! Vincent is that you?

  1. Well, it's the "Morning After"

    Well, it’s the morning after...and everything is looking bright. My Morning After Bag Mini in Dark Grey is on its way...

    As she packed her self up...she wondered what her new home would be like. Would she have a special place on the self...just for her? Would there be other girlfriend bags to hang out with.

    She left Scottsdale, AZ on Monday @ 2:44 p.m. She headed down US-60 W going towards Phoenix. She got off at exit 55B. She decided to grab a bite to eat and a large drink; since it is so dry in Arizona. She hopped back into the truck and was on her way. She loved to travel and sit by the window; so she could see all of the beautiful sites.

    She called and left a message. She has made it through El Paso. She loved going through the ghost town of Smelter. The only thing left of the town is the cemetery. It was a very interesting tour. She stopped at a rest stop to grab a few snacks and then hopped back on to the truck. She headed down the highway 10 towards San Antonio.

    She stopped at Sea world to visit the Beluga. She loved the way they would come right up to the glass to see you. It was just amazing. She then hopped over to the Hard Rock Cafe and sat on the balcony of the patio and grabbed some dinner and a cocktail.

    Then it was time for her to go. She headed over to the airport to catch her flight to Memphis. She should be arriving there soon.......maybe she will have an Elvis sighting.

    She arrived at the MemphisAirport @ 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon and of course they lost her luggage. While waiting for her luggage, she met this really cute black leather briefcase guy. He was on his way to Atlanta. They grabbed a cappuccino and talked for awhile. They talked about everything from where they were made and what type of leather they were made out of.

    She said good-bye to the briefcase guy and went to pick up her luggage. It had come in on a different flight. She then boarded her plane @ 6:00 p.m. The plane ride was fine until they hit a thunderstorm. The plane began to hit numerous air pockets and the turbulence was terrible. She slid from one seat to another and then...

    It stopped. No not the thunderstorm or turbulence. THE PLANE!!! The plane was having trouble with the instrument panel; so they made an emergency landing at the JacksonMunicipalAirport in Jackson, MS. Whew!!! That was a close call.

    There were no flights out until later on around 2:20. Since she had some time in between flights.......she flagged down a taxi to go over to the Metro Center Mall to do a little shopping. She looked around Dillard’s at everything.......she thought maybe I need.......a wallet.......mmm a day planner.......or maybe I need a new cosmetic bag.

    But right then she couldn't believe her eyes.......she ran into her Aunt Wallet and Uncle Planner. What a surprise. She had not seen them since she was just a thought in her designer's head. They decided to have a little afternoon snack and when it was time for her to go.......they gave her a ride to the airport. She said her goodbyes and headed into the airport.......but of course like all flights hers was cancelled.

    Oh no, now how will I get there by tomorrow. I have to get to my new home. She is waiting for me.

    Since the flight was cancelled.......she found a place to curl up by her gate, so she could go to sleep. She pulled out her dust bag and covered herself up.

    It was around 6:00 a.m. when the sun peek through the clouds. She slowly opened her zippers and stretched her shoulder straps to awake. She went into the restroom so that she could clean herself up. She grabbed a bottle of Apple guard to wash herself off.

    She then went down to the little cafe to grab a bite to eat. There she got a banana nut muffin and a cappuccino. She checked the board for all of the departing flights and hers was not listed. She had just about had it. She didn't want to spend one more minute at the airport.

    She went down to the loading dock.......stuck out her zipper pull and hitched a ride on the first Fed-ex Truck she saw. It was headed down to New Orleans. She couldn't wait to get there. She had never been there.......this was a dream of hers.......that she would be shipped there one her hang in the window of Saks.

    She arrived in New Orleans @ 12:15 p.m. She decided to do some site seeing while she was there. She walked down on the river front and did a little shopping in Saks. She loved the way their new store looked. It had a beautiful handbag department. All of her friends from high school were there…….Louis (the Football Star)…….Prada (the Head Cheerleader)…….Fendi (the Track Star)…….Chanel (the Prom Queen)…….and Gucci (the Prom King). It was wonderful to see them. They all looked so different……she had not seen them for a few years. They all had lunch together at Café Du Monde in the French quarter. She loved the beignets and the Community Coffee. She got a coffee to go and told them all good-bye. She hopped back on to the truck and headed down Interstate 10 W. She was off to Baton Rouge…….where her new home would be. She just knew that she would love it there…….and that she would have a wonderful loving home to live in.

    She was getting so excited…….she could not contain herself. Sweat started to run down her soft smooth dark grey leather. She actually began to shake…….where you could hear her silver hardware chime. She was only a few miles away from her home.

    What would it be like…….would she love her soft supple leather…….would she like the way she could wear her……either on her arm or over the shoulder. Oh my…….she thought I cannot wait. Where will she carry me…….will she take me everywhere and what kind of adventures will we go on?

    Oh there it is…….my new home…….the FedEx guy pick me up and carried me to the front door of my new home. He rings the door bell… answer???.......he rings it again…….Oh no, is no one home!!!…….Oh my…….where is she?

    All of a sudden the door flies open and there she stood. She was so excited to see me. She opened the box…….took out the tissue…….and embraced me with a great big hug. She couldn’t believe how wonderful I was…….the leather was so soft…….the color was beautiful…….we stood there just staring at each other and then we embraced again.

    We were so excited about finding each other…….that we completely forgot about him…….the FedEx guy was still standing there waiting for a signature.

    And you are never going to believe who the FedEx guy was…….It was “Vincent”

    I hope all of you enjoyed this little tale. I really enjoyed doing it.
  2. awww it was so cute how you made up that little story!

    I am dying to see pics of the bag!! make sure you post some! (and have fun with vincent!!)
  3. So cute and creative!! I love it! Post pics of your new friend when you have a chance, and enjoy her!
  4. Congrats on your new bag! I particularly like the part . . . "she stuck out her zipper pull and hitched a ride on the first FedEx truck she saw".
  5. Yayyayyay! Mine is supposed to come today. I am dying to see her!
    Glad you and your bag have finally come together. She had quite an adventure...!
    Post pics!!