The tale of the missing scarf!

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  1. Well, I was talking to my mother about scarves and how much I love them when she mentioned that she had an Hermes scarf. I balked and demanded to see it immediately. My grandmother took the scarf a few years ago because at that time none of us knew what Hermes was and she just thought it looked pretty. So, we go in her room, spot that beautiful burnt orange round box and find a terrible discovery...

    The scarf is nowhere to be found!

    My mother and I are on a hunt for her scarf. Wish me (the soon to be owner of said scarf if I have anything to do with it!) luck!
  2. Does your grandmother live with your mother? When is the last time your mother remembers seeing it?

    When my grandmother moved into an assisted-living facility, my mother took all of her nice clothes, jewelry and art work. She was already growing forgetful, so we figured between her memory and the temptation those things provide, it was just better that she didn't have them at the home.
  3. Yes she does, but my grandma still works (at 75 she refuses to retire, that woman!) so I plan on asking her on her down time. My mom says she hasn't seen the scarf itself in about a year, but she's always seen the box.
  4. Good luck - don't forget to look in the pockets of all the coats/jackets in the house!
  5. Good luck on finding the scarf and becoming the proud owner of it!
  6. oooh, happy hunting...please post pics when you find it!
  7. Oh dear, good luck!!
  8. Happy hunting! Good suggestion on the pockets! I'd also check extra handbags--in case it got tucked into a different bag or briefcase!
  9. wishing you loads of luck!
  10. Hope you find it! :tup:
  11. Do you have any siblings? I found that whenever I was looking for something, it somehow managed to walk itself over to her closet!! My mother's things as well!! All in good fun of course!! It was amazing what I found in there! She lives clear across the country and everytime I go to visit, there is something else of mine that had gone "missing". ;)
  12. good luck!!!!
  13. Good luck! This happened to my mom's gucci wallet. We found it inside a purse she hadn't used for years!
  14. Good luck on tracking it down! :smile:
  15. Good luck and post it here for us to see when you find it.