The Tahitienne club

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  1. Summer is almost here, here is the perfect day for a day on the beach:wlae:I am in love, here is mine!!!:love:Keep them coming, girls!!! I know they come in Pink, purple, and green so far...:tup:
    DSC02493.jpg DSC02496.jpg DSC02499.jpg
  2. I picked up today in the beige as well.
    I'll get some photo's up soon!
  3. Yeah! Finally! Can't wait to see the picture. :wlae:
  4. Is that the GM or PM?
  5. Gorgeous! The perfect summer bag. I'm hoping to join with the green soon!
  6. Ooooooooooh! I love her! Is that the PM or GM? I want to join the club, too; I'm not sure which color I like best. Decisions, decisions....:girlsigh:
  7. alyssa, beach baby, this is a pm.:yes:
  8. Cant wait to see it, I have not seen the green one in store, only pink and purple.:drool::tup:
  9. gorgeous bag!!!
  10. after seeing the pictures i have to get one after i recover from the watercolor speedy. now my only problem is deciding on one color!
  11. ^^^^Me too (i have to recover from Mahina XS) but I want one in every color...I can't decide!
  12. All the colors are gorgeous. Can anyone tell me of the top has a snap or hook to keep it closed or is it an open top?
  13. THE BIG REVEAL......

    MY Tahitienne GM in Violet just arrived today! It is more like a very large tote so wish I had gotten the PM but am going to use it to like a Neverfull and keep my purse and everything in it when I am going from car to house etc. The handles are sharp on the edges so will be glad when they soften up and the inside pocket is not as large as it could be including the open skinny pocket- it is big enough for a pair of reading glasses but not many phones or LV sunglass cases would fit in it- so I do not know why they bothered if it was not going to be big enough to really serve a purpose??? Also, the violett is more muted than the pics- all in all I am going to use it to haul my stuff around when I am carrying my Black Multi speedy - I got the PM galliera today too and posted pics on the link. I can not seem to get my pics bigger and downloaded and it was time consuming so here goes...
    IMG_1211.jpg IMG_1220.jpg IMG_1224.jpg IMG_1226.jpg IMG_1230.jpg
  14. This is a gorgeous bag!

    Any chance of seeing a model pic of GM I'm torn between sizes
  15. ^^ thats what I was going to ask, it looks huge with the mc speedy in it.