The T.O. Show (Starring NFL Star Terrell Owens)

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  1. Agreed, his ex is Freaking Beautiful! And I think he still has real feelings for her!

    Who are those two women are who are always nagging him? managers, family, handlers? I just wanna gag them with duct tape and strangle them with their weaves!!! Can you say annoying!?

  2. Indeed...I did not think I'd be into it either, but it grew on me quickly. Felicia is STUNNING!
  3. ^^ That was what I thought before the premiere. But he needs this......he NEEDS fans!! (this refers to the quoted part of the previous message, sorry - forgot to copy it into mine!)

    (and I'm his biggest fan!)
  4. His managers and best friends...... they kinda bugged me too now, they seem like the have to let the world know that they are with "Terrell"
  5. I thought it was funny when he did the guest sports reporter bit in the evening news...and he was kinda mocking himself (since he is known for being such a press whore) something like "The latest news in Buffalo sports! I'm here...Let's see what I have to say in the press conference". LOL.

    I think he has a flair for the camera though and could see him being a sports analyst after football (provided his ego doesn't get the best of him lol)
  6. In the premier episode, the chic at the club in the red dress showed all her nether goody, goodies to the camera. And she was ALLLLLLLL over him. Some of those girls are such hos.

    Felisha, yep, she's pretty, and he said that he still has feelings for her. Ashame he was such a dog.
  7. If at the beginning of his show I'm wearing lipgloss- by the end of it my lips have none. It disappears everytime he works out! Damn his body looks good.

    I don't always mind his managers, but they do get a bit annoying at times. Maybe if it was only one of them it would be better. I did feel bad about the one who went to meet her long lost sister who never showed up to dinner. That had to suck.
  8. Isn't every show on Vh1? LOL