The T.O. Show (Starring NFL Star Terrell Owens)

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  1. Anybody watchin'?
  2. Ohhhhh YES!

    I'm a huuuuuuuuge T.O. fan, and I couldn't wait to watch his show.

    Honestly, I thought he seemed a bit *awkward* for a "reality tv star" but I'm hoping he'll relax a little in the next episodes. His publicists killed me though - I loved their "T.O. let's go to the snow" chant when he signed with Buffalo. And lord, Felicia is drop dead gorgeous!! All in all - I'm a fan. And I'll continue to follow him on twitter.
  3. I love TO!!! What channel is this on?
  4. it comes on VH-1. Monday night, not sure what time. I caught parts of the re-air. I'm not a TO fan, at all, but even the bits and pieces that I saw showed a much better TO than what is normally potrayed. Dare I say it, he seems funny, caring and maybe even a little bit charming. He did seem a bit awkward in front of the cameras, but I think that vulnerability is good for him since he can come across as arrogant and flashy at times.
  5. I not a big TO fan, but the show was a bit entertaining. And I must say, he has has a georgeous bod, and a beautiful smile and teeth.
  6. ^^ He does have beautiful teeth, doesn't he?!

    I agree that this is a good PR move for him to do, mainly b/c it lets us see him being vulnerable and a *real person* instead of just the athlete, you know?

    I will continue watching even if I am STILL holding a grudge with Drew Rosenhaus for not returning my phone calls, when I called to see if I could meet T.O. at a game when we had Club Level box seats

    <insert deep, ridiculous sigh here>
  7. His ex fiancee seemed like a nice girl.
  8. His ex is stunning.

    I may watch, but I don't like that in the previews his friends are getting into screaming matches about their lovelives. This show isn't about them!

    Great body, but his accent bugs.
  9. ^^^^^Just his accent?
    I'm pretty surprised that he would stoop to the reality show level. Has he not realized that his ego is what is interfering with his ability to stay with a franchise for more than a two years?!
  10. Im a huge T.O fan too. This show is pointless but I love it lol!
  11. It caught my attention as I was flipping channels and saw an actress on Days of our lives talking to him sitting on the couch..Felisha is her name. Did they date?? I only caught the end of the show.
  12. She is is ex-fiance, whom he admits cheating on.
  13. Caught 3/4 of the premiere episode last week, and have since added it to my Tivo season pass! Hubby (big football fan) watched it with me, although he said he might have lost a few brain cells

    He does have a nice bod :nuts: I never hated on TO, I think his on and off field antics are hilarious and entertaining. I mean, the man's a showboat, but he's got a right to be. As long as he's not abusing animals or doing drugs or whatever then let him be!
  14. Go figure! I need to catch the rerun.
  15. I caught a few minutes of this and I wouldn't call this a reality show, I would call this a PR make over. And it is working... b/c I found him likable... go figure, the most hated man in football.