The Sweetest Orangutan on the planet...

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  1. That was adorable! Animals are just amazing.
  2. That was a cute video!
  3. thanks for sharing, i love how the orangutan smiles cheek to cheek when he hugs the hound dog, too cute!
  4. thxs for sharing
  5. LOVE this video :happydance:

    Had to watch it twice....and I'm sure I'll be watching again. TY for posting!
  6. :cloud9::tender:Oh shoo, that video melted my heart. I adore orangs. I loved watching Surya doing sommersaults while walking Roscoe on a leash.
    I was amazed to see Surya swimming (even with a life vest on!). For those of you that don't know, orangs are just not made to swim and they tend to avoid water because it's easy for them to drown.
  7. Omg, shoo!! Thank you so much for brought a smile to my face...I LOVE orangutans!
  8. Awwww!! How sweet!!
  9. Wouldn't have believed it if hadn't seen it! What a pair--just like a boy and his dog. They are perfect together.

    Thanks, shoo!
  10. I've watched this a few times now... it makes me cry. Sooo beautiful :tender::tender:
    Orangutans are wonderful animals and have a special place in my heart. I'm so happy for that ol' dog!

    DH watched it and he cried too.

    Thanks for posting this bagsnshoo :smile: