The Swan

  1. I loved this show when it was on but I heard that there not doing another series :sad:. I think the transformations were brilliant.
  2. :wtf: I was watching reruns of this show LAST NIGHT!!!! Funny you should bring it up!! I was so excited to see it again!!!:yes:
  3. i didnt reall watch this show. but when i did, they had some beautiful transformations
  4. I loved that show!!
  5. Arrrrrrrrrrgh...this is killing me, this show sounds so familiar, someone please tell what it's about!
  6. Actually, they have a book about that show, I am pretty sure your can get it on Amazon.
    The show is about picking girls who always wanted to look pretty and providing them with dentistry, plastic surgery, counseling, personal training in diet and fitness, etc.
    They would come out looking unbelievable. It was a bit superficial, but I liked it.
  7. I liked the extreme makeover, especially when it gave them more self-confidence, but I found the idea of entering them into a beauty pageant to be degrading. Imagine the poor women that are finally beautiful being told they weren't good looking enough to be in the pageant.

    (Which was weird, because they all looked alike!)

    Although it's better than I Want A Famous Face where people get plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity. And they usually didn't. And speaking as someone that actually has had plastic surgery, it's stupid to get it JUST to look like Britney or whatever. You could say something like, "I like her nose" but to turn yourself into her? Really? Unless your job is to be a Britney impersonator or something . . . Any good plastic surgeon would turn them down.

    The American Plastic Surgeon Association would not come near these shows, apparently!
  8. There were girls that were doing it for very good reason IMO. They're been sad cause half of their body was burned and stuff. That was so sad and I was so happy to see them happy in the end.
  9. ha ha ha....i remember this show now! yeah, I liked it a whole lot.

  10. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was wonderful that these women have more self-esteem, but part of me thought the beauty pageant defeated the purpose. It's great for the women that won or the women that even got a chance to compete, but what about those women that were told they weren't going to be in the pageant?
  11. i watched this show and the outcome of these gals are amazing but they go thru so much pain and i can feel their agony & frustrations! i supposed it is worth the pain if they have been miserable all their lives.
  12. i think everyoen ended up looking like barbie.. teehee

    but in a good way
  13. :yes:
  14. only thing i don't like about competition with other women who more extremely beautiful than other in tv show. it turns me off. i think all of them look beautiful!