The suspense is over!!

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  1. here are my lovely new bags! sorry my digi cam broke sooo the pics are blurry... i picked them up today and they are absolutely amazing=)
    and the pics of the ivan are for matt=) enjoy!









  2. wow! I LOVE the Whistler!

    Thanks for the ivan pics!

    I knew you bought fall/winter bags!

  3. OMG wow!!!!!!!!!!

    The ivan is HOT!!!
  4. OMG VERY nice! Beautiful! Mind If I ask what the vail blanket (the grey and blue zigzag right?)ran you?
  5. Hikau, all I can say is....HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! You are on fire!!!!! Love them all especially the Ivan!!!!!!!
  6. around 1700
  7. did u know they are opening a lv in Saks and i might be working there?
  8. Wow! Good choices. Congrats!
  9. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Loveeee the CVB :love:
  10. Very nice!! Congrats!

  11. No!! Then, I will have to visit you there!!!! You can be my new SA!!!!! Oh no, we'd be dangerous!!!!!!!!:supacool: :supacool:
  12. haha obviosly! i will call u every moment i get! haha
  13. Wow, nice bags there......of the the latest purchases, which do you like best? I am liking the vail...can I have yr opinion?
  14. Nice bags! I love the messenger. Opening an LV in the whimpy Boston Saks??? Yowzers!!!! It's about time! :yahoo:
  15. Gorgeous Hikau!!! Love them all!:love:
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