The Surreal Life Fame Games

  1. This was the one show I could miss, but I did catch every episode.
    VH1 has so many funny reality TV shows, I love them!

    But did anyone see how bad Vanilla Ice/Rob freaked out? Doesn't he have like a wife and kids at home?
    I would seriously be terrified of someone with that behavior.

    And while I'm on the subject of The Surreal Life Fame Games, the one person I couldn't stand was tacky Amanda. I was so glad when she was eliminated. So many things about her just irked the hell out of me.

    "Reality" TV, who knows... But I love it haha.
  2. I saw that episode with Vanilla Ice. He is such attention whore.
  3. I used to like this show.. but hardly watch it anymore. It's not "fun" anymore? :shrugs:
  4. haha I mean ANDREA. I don't know why I said Amanda... there was no Amanda-Anyone on that show.
  5. Vanilla Ice rages in just about every show doesnt he? I was bummed when CC DeVille got eliminated. And Andrea Lowell had no business being there in the first place. glad she's gone. Love the show, freaks and all.
  6. i wanted pepa to win but anyone would've been good as long as vanilla ice or ron jeremy won, they annoyed the heck out of me. andrea was so fake, she made my skin crawl.
  7. Like Adore, I seem to have become enchanted with reality shows, and I have tried to watch this one, but I just can't get into it.

    Maybe because except for the guy I think is an aging porn star and Mini-Me, I don't really know who any of the celebrities are.

    I hope they will re-run one of the earlier seasons, where they had Janice Dickinson.