The Surprise Grenat Python Silverado!

  1. Here she is!!!!Picked her up one day early and I must say, she is growing on me!:girlsigh:
    DSC00667.JPG DSC00668.JPG DSC00669.JPG DSC00665.JPG DSC00670.JPG
  2. Oooooooh - I love it!! :love:
  3. Wow! Just gorgeous.
  4. OMG!! What a beauty! I have a weakness for red bags !
  5. it's beautiful and i am so green with envy
  6. Thank you ladies! I am finding it hard to take an accurate representation on the bag's color...i think these pics are more accurate...:smile::heart:
    DSC00676.JPG DSC00677.JPG DSC00680.JPG
  7. :greengrin::greengrin::greengrin: With jealousy!!
  8. Wow! Great bag & color! Congrats
  9. She is a beauty......I just love red :smile::smile:
  10. whoa, you're just rockin' the red! Congrats!!
  11. Oh abi! I am sure glad we pushed you. So beautiful and it just pops with clothes. I wish I could see it IRL since I am not really getting the color - not that I don't love it. I just can't tell if it is reddish/orange/brown or wine red/brown??? Or just plain red!? Either way it is so outstanding. Congrats big time!
  12. LOL!wish you could see it IRL too...its definitely NOT red, i'd say its more orange/brown with a teeny-tiny tinge of red.Am sure this doesnt just dont do her justice!So thanks for the push NATA!
  13. Gorgoues bag Abi...congrats! I am hoping for the perfect python silverado one day soon too......

  14. Well for me it's the perfect red!! Like the red Heloise, it has that orange undertone to it's red, so gorgeous.:tup:
  15. She is yummy...I have an all black python silverado that makes me feel like a rock star everytime I carry it and a blue one that I adore. you will her!