The Super Bowl: The tPF Review

  1. This topic is reserved for our thoughts on the game, the halftime show, the commercials, anything you think of and want to talk about either before, during or after the game.
  2. Billy Joel is singing the National Anthem.

    Prince is doing the halftime show.
    (I was on the phone with my dad and Prince came up. My dad mentioned that Prince annoys him. I asked him why and he goes, "He's not normal! Is he a man or a woman or a child? What is he?")
  3. I love the Nissan ad with the transforming trucks!
  4. Prince was awesome!
    I thought it was so cool that he was not above the rain! He gave one hell of a show soaking wet!
  5. And how apropos that he sang Purple Rain!
  6. yep it was perfect!
  7. Yes! That was funny, since it was raining! He had a head-band or rag on his head. He was OK. It sucks that people are paying thousands of dollars to be there and have rain.
  8. I thought prince was awesome. Best Super Bowl show in years. He doesn't seem to age!
  9. Who won??
  10. Colts won... I missed Jessica's commercial- anyone remember when it was I still have it recorded!

  11. TOTALLY AGREE lainie63!!! Even with the rain, he was simply flawless!!!
  12. The way Rex Grossman played. . ugh it was painful! All the criticism talk is just going to get louder now. Of course, it can't be easy with the other QB being one of the best of all time.

  13. gr8heart, I LOVE your avitar pic!!! Looks like my little dude Sid!! :smile:


    Sid (3).jpg
  14. Jessicas comercial was in the very beginning. Prince was really great...brought back lots of memories!! When I was young!! ughh
    Anyway! Commercials were just ok for me...not great. The weather has sucked here all day and I felt so bad for all the people there as well. If it would been great would have been perfect!! Im sure they all had a good time anyway!
  15. I was impressed with Prince! I think that's the first halftime show I've watched all the way through in the last several years. I didn't think the commercials were great, though. Once again, I won no money on the Super Bowl Grid at work. Bummer.