The sunshines of my life

  1. My darlings, my sugardumplings Lucy, Coco and Michelle.

    Lucy is familiar to some of you as she was my last avatar for months. She´s an exotic, 4 years old. She´s playful, follows us around and acts more like a dog than a cat.

    This is her "I hate you"- face
    Kuva 1699.jpg

    Which is pretty similar to her "I love you"-face
    Kuva 006.jpg

    This was her 15-minutes of fame on cuteoverload even though they got her name wrong
    Kuva 112.jpg

    She loooves daddy
    Kuva 048.jpg
  2. Then Michelle, the old dame of the house. She sleeps mostly during the days, maybe purrs a little and gives moist kisses. She usually wakes up when we are going to bed and wants to let us know she loves us. This cat would not hurt a fly. She has never bit anyone, never hissed, never scratched anyone. Which makes it unbelievable how someone would leave her to an empty appartment. I adopted her from a shelter in 2001.

    She enjoys TV..
    Kuva 1694.jpg

    and sleeping
    Kuva 291.jpg

    and being pretty
    Kuva 086.jpg
  3. And finally my princess, the Coco:heart: She can do no wrong, I absolutely adore her.

    Here she is doing the laundry with mama..
    Kuva 1258.jpg

    This is how we sit at nights; she´s on the little bench, holding my hand/foot
    Kuva 1772.jpg

    and after a hard days work
    Kuva 1951.jpg
  4. Nola, I love your kitties. In that last picture of Lucy with her daddy I can practically hear her purring.
  5. Your kitties are adorable Nola! :nuts: And I remember that photo from cuteoverload! Too cute!
  6. I love your babies!!
  7. so cute!
  8. Awww your furkids are so precious :love: I've always wanted an Exotic!!! Lucky you, I just love their smooshed faces and their silly tempers :upsidedown:
  9. Thank you all! I love them so much I just had to share.

    nextnewface-Exotics usually have really fantastic personalities. My mom has 2 and they are both just so great. Very affectionate and dog-like.
  10. Wow, all your cats are so cute! I think Lucy is my favorite.
  11. They are all so pretty!! It makes me miss my two kitties at home. They had to stay at my parents place when I moved because I'm not allowed pets in my apartment. :sad: That third picture of Coco is hilarious. lol.
  12. SOOOOOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing the pics! We can all tell how much they are NOT spolied...:graucho:
  13. Awh your babies are so precious!
  14. Hmm:p I think I might have spoiled them a little:sweatdrop:
  15. OMG your kitties are sooo cute :love: and Coco looks so beautiful