The Sunday paper has been replaced!

  1. DH and I are sitting in the living room, drinking pots of coffee and online with our laptops. I'm surfing the PF and the news. DH is on MySpace loading up with friends like the Pillsbury Doughboy, Captain Crunch, Bob Ross, etc. yeah, I don't get it either!

    What has your Sunday morning ritual become?
  2. Basically the same as yours, well, with a bit more sleeping in involved as well. ;)
  3. Ditto!! I got up early, went out uder the portico in the yard with a cup of tea and my laptop (with wireless connection)....Heaven!!
  4. I cancelled my daily paper for that very reason. I still get it on weekends, though.
  5. You and your husband sound so cute, bagsnshoos!! I'm glad he's home.

    My Sunday routine: wake up around 11 am... panic because my favorite restaurant stops serving french toast at 1:00 pm... call everyone I know and ask them to go to breakfast with me... everyone's eaten... call my dad who will eat a second breakfast so I can have my french toast.

    Yeah, that's my elegant Sunday routine.
  6. Tea and TPF! This begins around 8:00am. I sit for a few hours, chat with friends, and then begin my day.
  7. I read the online edition of the sunday paper! Lots of tPF surfing too. No lazy day today, I volunteered to work tonight.
  8. Sunday ritual is sleeping in with my BF, either at his place or mine. I get a newspaper daily including Sundays and we both enjoy lingering over the paper, coffee, a relaxing breakfast we cook together and have the TV on (sports, CNN, E! - anything).

    We occasionally go out for brunch but we find these Sunday mornings to be extremely precious since I'm a M-F girl and he works Tu-Sat mostly.