The "Summer Drawer"........

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  1. On the tail of my "Overwhelm" thread, I decided to try an experiment.

    Let's see if S'Mom can do with just a few scarves for one season. :push:

    It was hard to choose but finally and after about an hour of trying all of them on (obviously I don't have a life), I narrowed it down to these:

    Paperoles (Black/Gold)
    Les Triples (Blue/Lavendar)
    Turqueries de L'Honneur M de T. ( Light Blue)
    Passage de Paris (Blue/Cream).....perfect as a belt for jeans!
    Musique de Spheres (Chartreuse/Wedgewood Blue)
    Mare Nostrum (Eggplant/Chartreuse)
    Apres de Deluge (Rust/Cream)
    Les Toits de Paris (White)
    Belles de Mexique (White/Sepia)
    En Duo (White/Blue/Tan)
    Au Contre Courante (White/Sepia) MOUSSELINE
    Mouselline Losange (Rose Pink)
    Le Petits Metiers (Chartreuse) PLISSE
    Le Poivones (White/Pink) PLISSE

    I chose these because I thought they offered me the flexibility I need and also because they seemed to be the most "summery". I put the rest of the scarves in another drawer awaiting Fall.

    The plan is NOT to dip into the "Fall Drawer" and to ONLY use the ones in the "Summer" drawer. No matter what.

    Let's see how long I can go.

    I'll keep you posted. :rolleyes:
  2. Nice work Shopmom! I put away more Fall-oriented scarves as well; it helps when the choices are more limited doesn't it?
  3. Great idea! I have thought of trying to do the same, but on a smaller scale (since my collection is much smaller!), to force myself to try new combinations & knots. I'm looking forward to watching this thread!
  4. nice idea, S'mom :tup:!!!

    ...I wish you strength ;).
  5. ......LMAO! I'm already going through withdrawals!!!!!
  6. Just wondering since we're on the topic of storage, are there any considerations to make when storing silk? Are their moths that eat silk, like they do wool? If so, how do I avoid them?
  7. Lavendar, Baby. Grab some of those Lavendar sachets Hermes makes for something purty OR just get some fresh lavander from an Herb store and put it in a little gauze pouch tossed inside your storage boxes or drawers. Works great! far.............
  8. Oh, that reminds me! I do have to check my store to see if they got the new lavender sachets.
  9. This is a great idea. You are lucky that you can even wear a scarf in northern Calaska during the summer. It is too hot down here. The best you can do is a twilly/pochette on the bag. If you are really running out of things to do, why don't you make a flow sheet listing all your scarves and check off each time you wear a pattern. This might help you get rid of the ones you don't need. Better yet take a pic of each and set up a file in your computer with an Excel spreadsheet. This should keep you and Muffin busy for days!
  10. Buy a bunch, HG. I use two to a drawer......

  11. I already did this, GK..........I'm totally pathetic.
  12. ^^those sachets sound wonderful!!

  13. You are a troubled soul...I was partially kidding:rolleyes:Your skills are to be greatly admired if you were handling the Excel. That thing always has me scratching my head.
  14. I love those sachets and they make great gifts too!
  15. Here I thouht this was about summer panties.

    I think the spreadsheet idea is brilliant if you have so many scarves you can't keep track of. I hate finding things years later that I'd forgotten I had.