The Summer 2018 limited edition "Trunk Travel Heritage".

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  1. Inspired by Louis Vuitton's travel heritage, printed with a trompe-l'œil trunk in Damier Azur canvas and Monogram canvas. Handbag and a new clutch Week End, small leather goods, travel accessories and luggage, key holder and belt, scarves and shoes, strap for watch … In store "vendredi 30 mars" ? Or before ?...
    LVsumTRUNK01c.jpg LVsumTRUNK03c.jpg
  2. I reserved the pochette Cosmetique. Looking forward to see her IRL. :smile:
  3. Can’t wait to see more pictures!
  4. Looking forward to more pictures! This collection looks very interesting
  5. Will there be a bandeau in this collection?
  6. YES
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  7. Some pictures (credit LV) "Scarves and shawls" to wait. @Redenkew has released some "Accessories" on "Spring-Summer 2018" page 91.
    LVsumTRUNK01.jpg LVsumTRUNK02.jpg LVsumTRUNK03.jpg LVsumTRUNK04.jpg
  8. Does anyone know what the price of this will be? Thanks! #LVorDie IMG_1520295550.684490.jpg
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  9. others ...
    AlvSS2018cc.JPG AlvSS2018f.JPG AlvSS2018g.JPG
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  10. Thank you!! I reserved toiletry pochette 26!
  11. Does anyone have pictures or a list of all the items that will be available?
  12. My Keepall 50 and my stole "Summer History trunks" arrived in my shop. Photos of my SA. I'll go get them next Tuesday (my shop is far enough from my home) I would make the pictures of the details.
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  13. today in shop, others 09 april ...
    LVss18trunka.jpg LVss18trunkb.jpg
  14. Thank you for sharing! Those are beautiful! *running to the store
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  15. I am liking the cosmetic case but I think it’s not the smallest sized one? If so it may be too big for my needs as I only have five pieces of make up...Is there anywhere to have initials hot stamped on the small cosmetic case?