The Suhali quest continues


Which is the most beautiful color?

  1. Black (already have Lockit PM in black though)

  2. White (have L'epanoui PM in white)

  3. Sienne

  4. Plum

  5. Blue

  6. Geranium

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello girls and guys. I need your help again.
    I created a poll "Which Suhali Bag?" few days ago and the winner was the White L'epanoui GM. However, they are sold out and not being produced anymore. :crybaby::hysteric: So, I decided to get L'Ingenieux PM, but am not sure which color to get. Thanks again! :heart:
  2. I like black... it's SOOO pretty!
  3. I love geranium! I was thinking about a geranium agenda before I bought my mono one.
  4. I voted for plum but I'd say geranium too
  5. geranium! its so unique.
  6. Geranium!! looks HOT!
  7. If you can even get geranium still
    If not black :smile:
  8. That's mainly why I said black... it'll be hard to find Geranium.
  9. Is it? :crybaby:
  10. i say blue! Its so pretty.:love: You may still be able to find it.
  11. I like all colours except the Sienne

    I would try and get the discontinued colours first (blue, geranium or plum) - i voted for the blue, but the plum and geranium are hot too

    as you can always get the Black and white later on
  12. I think Geranium is so beautiful!
  13. Blue for me Good Luck!
  14. I would go to black or white, but voted for plum only because you already have the lockit in black and the l'epanoui pm in white. hth.
  15. Plum is gorgeous, not sure if you can find one... 2nd choice would be blue!