The Subtle EPI Club.

  1. So beautiful, especially the regular alma! Electric is too much for me though:smile:
  2. Epi lockit noir:smile: one if my favourite in my collection.
  3. I was going to get a mono Alma PM, but seeing all these gorgeous Epi Alma's has made up my mind. So gorgeous. I love the Epi Lockits too.
  4. I am officially a member :smile:

    say hello to my pre-loved Toledo Blue Epi Leather Speedy 35
    leopardchain.JPG mc.JPG
  5. I got the impression that LV would be releasing a series of petit noe in epi leather, in various colours.

    Are they out yet ?
  6. Does anyone know when the Petit noe dpi will be released?
  7. ~ ~ ~ epi alma bb/ivorie ~ ~ ~

    ~ ~ ~key charm/citron ~ ~ ~
    DSCN5066_opt.jpg DSCN5076_opt.jpg DSCN5084_opt.jpg DSCN5074_opt.jpg
  8. I've been wanting lv epi speedy 25 or 30 but they're discontinued :sad: so I have been searching on eBay and have came across a few that looks pretty decent. But I'm not sure if they are authentic (I hear some are fake even if they do say that it's "authentic") and can trust them. Has anyone here ordered brand names on eBay?
  9. Your bag is gorgeous! I've been looking for epi speedy 25 / 35 but I don't know where to purchase them! I found some on eBay, but I worry that its not authentic. Did you buy yours online? And how is the size, is it a good size to carry around everyday?
  10. Hi aqualily! I have been looking for epi speedys on eBay, and found one that i like, and it is also from a Japanese seller. But I've been hesitant to purchase as I'm not sure if they are authentic. Is condition of the bag as described and is indeed authentic? Also how do you find the size? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hai susiexoh, yes, you can have as many picture as u want to check the condition of the bag, and if they have return policy that'll be awesome when you not satisfied and would like to return it. i purchased 1 from japanese ebay seller, and the other 1 is from malleries but also from japanese, both comes as described, and i'm pretty much satisfied with their service and item. Japan has zero tolerance with the fake products, so mostly goods from them especially old epi bags are authentic, but to make sure if its authentic,please ask Lee and Addy to authenticate it in authenticate this forum. You can always check the datecode in their description with the bag they sent to you whether its a match.

    For size, what size are you looking at? Mine is 25, i find the zipper opening quite small but i dont bring many things inside my bag (just mobile phone, wallet, and tissue) so its not a problem for me.:cool:
  12. i think April or May 2013 for the Epi Noe and Petite Noe. I'm not sure how many colours will be released, but Indigo (I think) and Fushia for sure.
  13. I am joining the club with my epi speedy 25 in cassis!
  14. I love epi. ;)

  15. Oh, thanks for informing! Need to do some planning here :smile: