The Sub-Purse Question: Where Do You Stand?

  1. I have recently taken the bold and daring step of changing over to the sub-purse lifestyle.

    It was the right choice for me.

    Because I change purses so often, moving all the various items from one to another, then another, etc. had become not only tiresome, but risky. Sometimes purse-changes occur rapidly, for instance, if there is a sudden change in wardrobe elements that requires a different purse from that originally planned.

    When you're in a hurry, it's just too easy to leave an item in the purse that will be sitting this one out, and be dismayed to discover, on arriving at your destination, that you don't have your cell phone. Or your card holder, and therefore, whichever card will be needed, and it is the rare outing that will not require the presentation of at least one card to someone, for something.

    You could even forget your lip gloss!

    So all my erstwhile purse contents now have a permanent home in the form of a red satin clutch, gold scroll embroidery. Hardly the thing one would normally take to the supermarket, but hey, it's a sub-purse.

    Purse lingerie.

    Its own little under-secret.

    And now changing purses is a no-hassle, no risk operation.
    Just pop the sub-purse out of purse A, pop it in to purse B.

    Where do you stand on this controversial question?
  2. I bought a set of three furla cosmetic purses to go inside my bags. This was I don't forget any little things. I always do a quick check for the 'big' things liek cell phone, wallet and pda
  3. exactly what i do but i have it down to just my little LV cosmetic case. then the wallet, reading glasses and i have it all. i always take my cell out so it gets charged.
  4. yup, keep it all in a wristlet the night before, get everything charged before I go to bed, and then I don't forget a thing.
  5. I have two Anya Hindmarch sub-purses...and still manage to leave stuff behind some days.
    Is a purseket (or whatever they're called) the answer?
  6. Nah, my bags range from a wristlet to a Speedy 35. I just dump everything out and transfer in the bag I'm about to use. I know which are considered essentials (must-haves) and which aren't so the decision making on what to take that fits is fast and hassle-free.
  7. There have been a lot of previous discussion about Pursekits and Purse Pals. I just use a large cosmetics pouch to transfer between bags.
  8. I admire seeing purses that are organized this way. My goal is to pare down my "must-haves" so I can fit them in 1 or 2 smaller bags to make changing purses easier.
  9. Recently, my sister was taken to the ER after an accident and we followed quickly behind.
    Somehow, I became guardian of her purse and when the hospital admin came to get her insurance card, I reached into her purse and found everything organized in wallets and clutch-type bags.

    I loved it. I didn't have to dig around pens, brushes, receipts, packs of gums, etc...(like my own bag)
    I decided then and there that I would organize my bag too.

    I did and I love it. Now when I change purses, I just take out my three sub-purses and move it all into the new bag. Now I never have to dig around in the bottom of my purse for something; I know right where it is. I have things like my wallet and cell phone that are not a part of the sub-purses but this has worked out so well for me and now everyone else in the family and a coworker are doing the same thing!
  10. Yep. It's in about three "subs": cosmetics case, long wallet, and one more case for random stuff.
  11. OK, now I have the incentive I need to get organized. Thanks for posting that experience.:flowers:
  12. Absolutely! I have the make-up bag (with make-up, lip balms galore, and hair ties), a second make-up case with sewing kit, shout wipes, and an assortment of other products, and then the big wallet. The only "loose" things are my phone and sunglasses.
  13. I so need to do this!
  14. You ladies have convinced me to get more organized. What do you all use for 'sub purses'??? I'm assuming something like cosmetic type bags.
  15. I keep my essentials, DL, ATM & insurance cards in my wapity along with my camera & cel phone. A pochette keeps any vitamins, meds & make-up & I can change bags in a snap or just grab the wapity for a quick trip to pick up the kids or make a Starbucks/grocery run.
    Great thread by the way, I love getting tips from PFers.