*The Stylish Dressy/Sutton Tote Club*

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  1. With all the buzz from the new release of the Michael Kors saffiano Dressy Jet Set Travel/Sutton Tote, I thought I'd start a clubhouse where we can post pics of all the bedford, large/medium saffiano dressys. :smile::hbeat:

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  2. Hi! I can join this club! I got her today and I love it. Medium Black Sutton Saffiano :heart:
  3. Gorgeous bags, ladies! I hope to join this Club soon! Question, do you keep the side snaps open or closed?
  4. Love these!
  5. WANT ONE!!!! Now! Your bags are gorgeous!:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:

  6. I leave mine open to make it more of an open tote.

  7. GET ONE so your Graysons have a friend! :P
  8. Oh I love that bag! I'm getting one! Trying to decide color!

  9. My Grayson's will have many friends lol

  10. LOL I know they do!
  11. Thank you!!!

    I can't wait to see more pictures in this thread!
  12. Here is my newest Dressy in summer time blue and my pearl grey soft leather Dressy (MEDIUM size)

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  13. I like mine open as well, to me it just looks better. I love that it snaps but it makes the opening narrower and I like to just reach in and get what I want.

    Yay! Congrats on your new bag. Can't go wrong with classic black!