The Stubborn PCEer

  1. My friend thinks that once you get a PCE card you will get one everytime, as long as you use the PCE card for at least one item. (such as a keyfob or charm)

    Please help me, by telling her the truth!
    Thanks in advanece!
  2. Well, I received one last time, and I used it for much more than a key fob. I did not receive one this time. I had to mention PCE at the store in order to get the discount, I go to the same store everytime I make a purchase and the SA knew me. I am not sure I would have had the same success if I had gone to a different store. In short, just because you receive a PCE and use it, doesn't mean that you will receive one in the future.
  3. I've been getting one every time but I think that's just luck and I take advantage of it each time I get one. If you're REALLY lucky, you get a store that will just give it to you with no problem. I do phone orders anyway and the store I call will always give a discount...each time I've had the card but I'm sure if I were to call and ask for it without actually having the card, they'd still give me the discount.
  4. I am not sure what the criteria is. I've been getting one regularly for almost a year now. I usually go but missed the June one but still got one this month. This time I noticed my outlet only shopping friends got them as well.
  5. i didn't think the outlet counted, but that could explain why I got one this time because I bought a tote at the outlet and only smaller things like pony tail scarves at the retail store. I'm just so excited that I got one this time b/c it was completely unexpected!
  6. I get one each time and sometimes my purchases aren't all that big. One time I only bought a swing pack and this time I only bought a pair of shoes....Coach just really isn't exciting me all that much lately :sleepy: