The struggle..

  1. Oh ladies. Apparently I struggle with making up my mind. I just recently bought a 07 noir city, I showed everyone, and I got rave reviews..(I love you all!) The leather is amazing on the bag, however, the sides arent veiny, but they're almost wrinkled, and as you can guess that bothers the mess out of me! Ive gone through 3 bbags already (this being my third) because I didnt like them. I LOVED my first bbag which was a GH noir city, but I always felt like I couldnt find anything to match it. My boyfriend (who bought the bag for me) loved the bag too, but he doesnt seem to thrilled with the one I have now, but he wants me to get what I want so he doesnt say anything. What should I do? I cant make up my mind to save my life! Nothing appeals to me. Should I wait to find something I really love, or wait out to see if my bbag gets better? Help me ladies! Im begging you!
  2. Get what makes you happy!!!!!!!! I doubt the wrinkles are going to go away!!! I love the wrinkling but everyone is different. So~ go buy a bag you are "ga-ga" over!!!
  3. Yes, get what you really want. And don't feel bad about changing your mind . . . you know, it is a woman's prerogative!
  4. Hi fellow Floridian! :smile: I was born in Tampa.
    These bags are too expensive to settle if you don't love it. Get one that you love.:yes:
  5. You have to ultimiately figure out what will make you happy.....but my advise would be to get the GH City that you loved and your boyfriend gave you and make it work for you.

    I HAVE a Noir 07 GH City and I LOVE IT so I can relate to what you mean about finding things that go with it.

    It was a tiny challenge the first couple of days but I have found a couple of things that worked for me.

    I bought a very cool pair of high black boots. They don't match but they coordinate and look fab! I also made a necklace on black leather with these antiqued gold charms. I have been wearing that everyday with whatever I feel like.

    The boots and the necklace with the handbag pull what outfit I am wearing together.

    I think once you get "in the groove" with that bag and your wardrobe you will find it is amazing.
  6. You have to be happy with the bag, get what you like now not what you hope will grow on you!
  7. Yep get what really makes YOU happy - it's your money so you are in the driver's seat :smile: Whatever you decide, you'll have our support!
  8. Hmmm, I looove those wrinkles on the side of my grenat city...
    I keep touching that part cause it feels so soft :shame:... I do it when I am out, too, and people give me funny looks LoL

    Good luck with finding the bag that works for you tho!
  9. Wrinkling is part of Bbag's character.
  10. Hmmm...perhaps you need to get a bag which isn't slouchy at all?! Maybe an Afternoon or avoid the wrinkle-y sides that seem to bother you. Just a thought...
  11. Thanks momsoon88 (and all you other fabulous ladies for your input!!) but the city style is def for me. The last two city bags I had didnt have perminate creases on the side, they just slouched in (which is perfectly fine), but thanks for your suggestion!! I really appreciate it! I actually love the breif though!
  12. brief*
  13. wait for the one u really liked.
  14. return it and hold out for one you love!
  15. Def agree with all the ladies that you should hold out for a Bbag that takes your breath away, instead of compromising and feeling so uncertain.

    Where's the fun in owning a Bbag you aren't totally crazy about? You know it's out there!:p